Restaurant Inspections

Published 10:00 am Thursday, November 15, 2018

The following restaurants were inspected by the Jessamine County Health Department.

Applebee’s, 113 N. Plaza Drive, 88 on Oct. 2. Notes: Top section on middle prep cooler not maintaining food temperature of 41 degrees or less. Must discard chicken at 3 p.m. today. Interior of prep coolers unclean. Condensation dripping from HVAC vents in kitchen. Red colored cutting boards in poor condition. Cold water faucet and handle stripped on hand sink at rear kitchen. Sanitizer bucket empty on dish washing machine. Floor unclean under equipment in bar area. Condensation dripping from HVAC vents in dining area. Ceiling tiles moldy and water damaged in dining area. 94 on follow up Oct. 9. Notes: dish machine sanitizing dishes. Prep cooler maintaining proper food temperature.

Papa John’s, 935 N. Main St., 92 on Oct. 3. Notes: Dumpster lid missing. Gap too big under back door. Ants coming in. No soap in men’s restroom. 96 on follow up Oct 16. Notes: Dumpster lid missing. Gap too big under back door. Corrected from last inspection: Soap available in men’s restroom and ants gone.

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Bellaire Creative Christian Academy, 616 Keene Centre, 93 on Oct. 3. Notes: Fruit flies present around spilled blueberries. Sink leaking. Fruit flies under three compartment sink. Chlorine test strips required. Wash, rinse, sanitize in this order for dishes and utensils. 100 on follow up Oct. 17. Notes: All violations are corrected.

Yamato, 200 Blueberry, 94 on Oct. 1. Notes; Dishwasher is not 50 to 100 ppm chlorine. Three compartment sink mist be utilized for sanitizing dishes until chlorine is 50 to 100 ppm. Floors in poor repair, ground missing. Acoustic tile in kitchen prep area. Plan needed for sushi prep.

Bakery Outlet, 99 on Oct. 11. Notes: Light out in hall near restroom.

New Ichiban Buffet, 95 on Oct. 11. Notes: Food ingredient containers not labeled. Replace food ingredient containers with food grade containers. Cutting board in poor condition. Shelves below prep tables unclean. Sauce for chicken sticks stored in an unapproved container. Must store in food grade containers. Ice scoop stored with handle in contact with ice. Exterior of dishwashing machine unclean. Discard all hot and cold foods from bar areas after four hours daily.

Daylight Donuts, 1020 N. Main St., 98 on Oct. 11. Notes: Rubber floor mats stored on food container.

Subway, 135 Orchard Drive, 97 on Oct. 11. Notes: Urinal out of order in men’s restroom. Shelf under prep table unclean.

Warner Elementary, 821 Wilmore Road, 100 on Oct. 2. Notes: Another job well done.

ZT’s Bistro, 1 Machlan Drive, 99 on Oct. 8. Notes: Big can opener in need of cleaning.

Family Tree Café, 912 S. Main St., 99 on Oct. 22. Notes: Floors in need of cleaning, updating to good condition.

West Jessamine High School, 2101 Wilmore Road, 95 on Oct. 4. Notes: Ceiling tiles water damaged in staff restroom. Brooms stored on floor when not in use. Interior of small cooler unclean. Ice paddle stores on dusty surface. Door handle missing and door gasket in poor condition on two door cooler at serving line.

West Jessamine Middle School, 1400 Wilmore Road, 98 on Oct. 4. Notes; Brooms stored on floor when not in use.

Family Dollar, 411 S. Main St., 96 on Oct. 4. 100 on spot follow up. Notes: Canned food items with expired date on shelf. On spot follow up expired food removed from shelf.

BES, 197 Brookside Drive, 98 on Oct. 4. Notes: Ice machine parts and walk in cooler gasket in need of cleaning. Wall paint peeling near dishwasher.

Jessamine County Head Start, 1330 Drake Lane, 98 on Oct. 3. Notes: Debris and weeds inside dumpster enclosure.

Nicholasville Café, 111 N. Main St., 94 on Oct. 7. Notes: Light out in kitchen. Ceiling tiles water stained. Walls in poor condition in various places. Vegetable soup cooked and baked potatoes not date marked as required. 98 on spot follow up. Notes: Vegetable soup and baked potatoes marked with appropriate date.

Cherry Ed./Allstate, 3340 Danville Road, 98 on Oct. 9. Notes: Ice Scoop and bucket on dusty surface.

West Jessamine Middle School Field House, 1400 Wilmore Road, 93 on Oct. 4. Notes: Thermometers not visible/readable in coolers with doors locked. Floor unclean under and behind equipment. Interior of microwave unclean. Deep fryer stored on floor. Light out in boy’s restroom. Old grills in poor condition and unclean stored in common area. Must repair and clean or remove from premises. Note: Must keep approved sanitizer and test strips for sanitizing utensils and dishes.

Fiesta Mexico, 801 S. Main St., 94 on Oct. 4. Notes: Grease on exterior of grease container and on ground at container. Wooden shelf next to prep cooler unclean. Foods uncovered in prep cooler at grill area. Wall and counter at chip and salsa area unclean.

Mini Mart, 634 Edgewood, 90 on Oct. 17. Notes: Deli ham expired date. Life of milk expired. No paper towels at either hand sink. No soap at one hand sink. Large gap under back door. Dumpster lid open. Can opener, cabinet door slicer unclean. Water leak in pipe at water filtration unit. Meat, onion, bottles and debris on floor of walk in cooler and freezer. 91 on follow up. Notes: For retail food, expired food removed from shelf. Soap and paper towels replaced.

Hog Father’s BBQ, 1001 Elizabeth St., 98 on Oct. 2. Notes: Light bulb out in walk in cooler. Leak in ceiling.

Jessamine Early Learning Village, 851 Wilmore Road, 100 on Oct. 2. Notes: Great job.