2 newcomers voted to fiscal court and Wilmore council

Published 10:04 am Thursday, November 8, 2018

Jessamine County Fiscal Court and Wilmore City Council will each have one newcomer come January.

Kent Slusher was elected to the fiscal court and Andy Bathje was elected the Wilmore council Tuesday night.

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Justin Ray was uncontested and re-elected as magistrate for Jessamine County’s 1st district. Jessamine County’s constable elected in the 1st district was Dustin Lee Gibson.

Tim Vaughn was re-elected as 2nd district magistrate receiving 1,921 votes against Joe Walker, 1,283. Jessamine County’s constable elected in the 2nd district was William Hogue.

Terry Meckstroth won the primary election and was re-elected as 3rd district magistrate. Jessamine County’s constable elected in the 3rd district was Charles Tony Lowery.

Slusher was elected as 4th district magistrate and will replace April Rose Prater come January. Slusher received 2,121 votes against his opponent George Dean, who received 1,433 votes Tuesday night. Jessamine County’s constable elected in the 4th district was Michael W. Brumfield.

“I would like to say that it was a lot of work but I enjoyed every minute of it,” Slusher said. “I went door to door and tried to get in touch with everybody despite political afiliation. A doorbell to me did not have a D or an R attached to it. I look forward to working on the court and moving forward with things that help Jessamine County people.”

Paul Floyd was re-elected as 5th district magistrate, receiving 1,869 votes against his opponent Lindsay Pope Walker, who received 1,373 votes. Jessamine County’s constable elected to the 5th district was Bobby Sams.

Gary E. Morgan was re-elected as 6th district magistrate with 1,339 votes, thus taking the win over his opponent Burt Ladd who received 1,127 votes.

Nicholas “Lucky” Baldwin received the winning vote with 1,239 votes for 6th district constable, replacing John C. Bourne who received 1,156 votes in Tuesday night’s election.

In Wilmore, Bathje received 1,048 votes and will replace Lynn Cooper who did not run for re-election. Those who were re-elected in Wilmore Tuesday night are Leonard Fitch, 1,168 votes; David Riel, 1,043; Kim Deyer, 1,041; Jim Brumfield, 1,039 and Jeff Baier with 917 votes.

“To win this election by so much support from the community is heartwarming,” Bathje said. “The very people that voted me in include so many dear individuals and families that I highly respect. It is a great honor to be designated by them into service with the city council. This town is special and unique, it is considered a “second home” to people all over the world. I want to pay attention to how it has become such a great place and how I can I help make it stay a beloved community… I look forward to continuing the good work that Lynn Cooper has done on these issues with the sidewalk committee… I understand there is a long list of other responsibilities on a council member and I look forward to working beside the experienced members of that team.”

In the 4th education district, Denise Bailey Adams was elected to serve on the board of education for Jessamine County. Adams received 1,565 votes against her opponents, Chad A. Webb, 535 votes; Cheryl Dorrell, 504 votes and Donald “Grizz” Jones, 298 votes.

In the 5th educational district, Steven Scrivner was newly elected to the board of education in Jessamine County. Scrivner received 1,983 votes against his opponents Andrea Burke O’Bryan, 1,198 votes and Cynthia Diaz, 935 votes.

All data provided are unofficial results released by the election board in Jessamine County following Tuesday night’s election.