Letters to editor

Published 8:52 am Friday, November 2, 2018

Vote for Dupont this month

Dear Editor,

This is in support of Carolyn Dupont and her race for the Kentucky state senate.

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I’ve got to know Dupont pretty well over the last two years.

Carolyn has 20 years of experience in education and 15 years are at Eastern Kentucky University as a history professor.

Her ideas and her thoughts are mainly that she’s in this race to give the youth a better opportunity for education and to help people get jobs with a living wage.

Her thoughts on education are that each person should have opportunities to get the same education. Our public schools have done well over the years. 

People that are less fortunate should still have the same opportunities in education.

We do not need two or three different education systems that are supported by the government.

Higher education should always be affordable.

Over the time I’ve got to know Carolyn, including her personality and her way of thinking, I’ve come to know her thoughts are with the people of the state.

She is a realist, and she will fight for the ideas that will help the individuals in this state have a better life, and a better life starts with better education and healthcare.

Then you need a job that has competitive pay for what you’ve invested in your education.

At the same point, pay from working 40 hours a week should be no less than a living wage.

We need someone in the 22nd district who will speak up for us and is not afraid to go against their own party. A person who will stand up for the teachers and get them their pensions that was promised to them — not only our teachers but all our public workers as well.

Carolyn has made it a point to get know the people of her district — the farmers, business owners, laborers, the educators, truck drivers and others. She will listen to you and your ideas and work for you.

Lee Walker


Dupont apologizes

Dear Editor,

To the readers of the Jessamine Journal, in last week’s paper, the Campaign for Carolyn Dupont for Kentucky Senate published a campaign ad but inadvertently omitted the “paid for” line.

This omission, though not intentional, was a violation of Kentucky Registry of Election Finance rules.  We self-reported the omission immediately and take full responsibility for it and we apologize to the readers of this paper.

Thank you,

Carolyn Dupont