Restaurant Inspections

Published 11:12 am Friday, October 26, 2018

The following restaurants were inspected by the Jessamine County Health Department:

  J’s Place, 101 S. Main St., 94 on Sept. 27. Notes: No sanitizer test strips for sani-tabs. Prep-table shelf in kitchen unclean. Thermometer not working in prep-cooler. Floor unclean at front counter area.

  Speedway 9930, 979 N. Main St., 97 on Sept. 27. Notes: Floor unclean under food prep-area and behind trash can in kitchen. Faucet drip in men’s restroom. Light shields missing on two fixtures in retail area.

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  Kroger, 995 S. Main St., 94 on Sept. 27. Notes: Food boxes on floor in walk-in freezer (bakery). Floor unclean under equipment in deli area. No thermometer in prep-cooler in deli area. Food debris in door tracks and interior of deli case.

Joy Food, 258 E. Brannon Road, 96 on Sept. 26. Notes: Food stored uncovered on shelves. Floor unclean under soup and sauce hot holding unit. Food ingredient containers not labeled.

  Daily Donuts, 908 S. Main St., 96 on Sept. 26. Notes: Door handles on equipment unclean. Excessive grooves in cutting board. No towels in restroom.

  Bellacino’s, 161 E. Brannon Road, 97 on Sept. 20. Notes: Interior of ice machine unclean-mildew. Open bag of pepperoni and cheese in walk-in cooler. Must store in covered container when bag is open. Food debris in prep-table cooling unit housing.

  Café Chrisman, 2385 Chrisman Mill, 99 on Sept. 18. Notes: Floors poor repair.

  West Jessamine High School field house, 2101 Wilmore Road, 94 on Sept. 20. Notes: Hot dog buns molded. Interior of ice machine unclean. Floor unclean under and behind equipment. 98 on follow up. Notes; hot dog buns discarded in trash.

  West Jessamine High School Basketball game, 2101 Wilmore Road, 100 on Sept. 20. Notes: None.

  McDonalds, 100 Hen-derson, 88 on Sept. 18. Notes: Ceiling tiles water damage in dining area. Frozen condensation on ceiling and cooling unit in walk-in freezer. Excessive number of flies in building. Shield inside ice machine unclean. Floor tile missing in kitchen prep area. Spray bottle of cleaning chemical stored on cart with food sauces. Food debris on floor under ice cream machine and beverage machine in drive thru. 96 on Sept. 25. Notes: Facility treated by pest control and flies greatly reduced. Chemical spray bottle properly stored.

  Fitch’s IGA, 102 Main St., 88 on Sept. 25. Notes: Storage shelves in kitchen unclean. Exterior of food containers and equipment unclean. Coffee stirs not disposed properly. No towels in dispenser at hand sink in meat department. Sanitizer test strips not useable due to water damage from hose. Numerous foods cooked and uncooked above 41 degrees in open air cooler near meat department. Shredded cheese above 41 degrees. Open air coolers not maintaining proper food temperature of 41 degrees or less. Shelves unclean in retail area.  93 on spot follow up. Notes: All food product above 41 degrees removed and discarded. Have coolers repaired to maintain proper temp before restocking.

  Great Wall, 104 E. Main St., 98 on Sept. 25. Notes: Egg rolls stored in cardboard box in prep-cooler.

  Comfort Inn, 100 Allstar Way, 89 on Sept. 13. Notes: Yogurt cups at mid 50’s to 65 degrees in cooler. Cooler not maintaining food temperature of 41 degrees or less. Thermometers not located in coolers. Bowels, pitchers etc. stored under hand sink. Door handle broken and missing on cooler. 99 on Sept. 20. Notes: Door handle broken and missing on cooler. All other items corrected.

  Save A Lot, 701 Edge-wood Drive, 93 on Sept. 18. Notes; Frozen condensation on shelves and food in reach in freezer. Bottom of shelf dusty on aisle two. Sanitizer dispenser not working on three compartment sink – meat department. Water leak from drain on three compartment sink – meat department. Frozen condensation on ceiling, wall, floor and shelves in walk-in freezer. 97 on Spot follow up. Notes: Hose tightened on sanitizer dispenser and working properly.

  Domino’s Pizza, 800 S. Main St., 92 on Sept. 4. Notes: Wiping clothes not stored in sanitizer. Soap container empty. Walls dirty. Mop sink still not properly draining. Plumber needed to make corrections. Drain line does not appear to have fall. Soap and walls corrected on follow up.

  Equestrian Woods, 107 Clubhouse Drive, 86 on Sept. 6. Notes: Storage shelves for plates dusty. Pipe cracked and water on floor under dish machine. Sanitizer level below required 50 ppm for bleach on dish machine. Raw meats – ready to eat ham, shredded cheese and cheese slices – at 52 degrees and above in cooler. Cooler not maintaining food temperatures of 41 degrees or less. Interior and exterior of coolers and freezers unclean. Floor tile in poor condition at rear of kitchen. 99 on Sept. 11. Notes: Dish machine sanitizer dispenser repaired. Potentially hazardous foods above 41 degrees discarded. Cooler not repaired and not in use.

  Kids Connection, 310 Southview Drive, 98 on Sept. 11. Notes: Can opener unclean around gear and sleeve. Light flickering in kitchen. Light shield missing in food storage room.

  BHP Bistro, 140 Eisen-hower Court, 100 on Sept. 11. Notes: None.

  East Jessamine High School basketball concessions, 91 on Sept. 11. Notes: Thermometer not located in cooler. Floor unclean under and behind equipment. Sanitizer test strips not located. Hand sink unclean. Ice scoop stored on unclean surface.

  Nicholasville United Methodist Church, 303 W. Maple, 99 on Sept. 11. Notes: Mildew on shield inside ice machine.

  A Child’s Place, 107 Brookside, 95 on Sept. 6. Notes: Interior and exterior of coolers and freezer unclean. Exterior of storage bins unclean. Hand towel dispenser out of towels. Metal stem meat thermometer not available.

  Rose Terrace, 401 N. Second St., 99 on Sept. 6. Notes: Shield unclean inside ice machine.

  Wesley Village, 1125 Lexington Road, 100 on Sept. 4. Notes: None.

  Thompson-Hood, 100 Veterans Drive, 100 on Sept. 4. Notes: None.

  Thoroughbred Golf Club, 1215 High Point Drive, 100 on Sept. 4. Notes: None.

  Jessamine County Extension Office, 95 Park Drive, 99 on Sept. 13. Notes: Shield in ice machine unclean.

Kentucky Fried Chicken, 900 N. Main St., 100 on Sept. 13. Notes: None.

  Type A Catering, 105 MacArthur Court, 100 on Sept. 13. Notes: None.

  Taco Bell, 1011 N. Main St., 94 on Sept. 13. Notes: Side door open on dumpster and liquid waste on ground from dumpster. Paper wrapper in sanitizer bucket. Food debris on shelf and floor under prep station. Food debris on push cart. Water dripping on floor from plumbing under three compartment sink. Food debris on floor in walk-in cooler, freezer and storage room.