‘We have come a long way’

Published 10:33 am Thursday, September 27, 2018

JCS dedicates new diesel mechanics transportation center


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A large crowd turned out Monday night as Jessamine County Schools held a dedication for the new Eugene S. Peel Diesel Mechanics Center.

“It is great to see the number of people here, this is a bigger number of people than we even anticipated,” Jessamine County Superintendent Matt Moore said. “We are so excited to have you here at the dedication… Thank you everyone for coming and joining us today.”

The previous building that was constructed in 1982 was light years ahead of its time, Moore said, and contained a lift, an additional bay, office space and served the district through 36 years.

The new building is more than double the size of the previous building and includes the addition of another bus bay, in-ground lift, a wash bay, restrooms, an upgraded fuel system, new office space and additional bus and vehicle parking.

“I am going to quote Loretta Lynn now and say ‘We have come a long way baby,’” Moore said. “This has been long awaited improvements that will enable us to better serve students and have much improvement for our working environment and for our dedicated team of transportation professionals.”

The facility will not only help serve students but also adults through a partnership with Bluegrass Community and Technical College, BCTC, Moore said.

“It is fitting that the center bears the name of a long time board member and former board chair Eugene S. Peel,” Moore said. “Thank you Eugene for all that you have done for our district and for your lasting impact of your work as it continues to benefit our students for years to come.”

Moore also said the facility is the result of many years of planning and effort, but also the result of foresight and dedication of many individuals who are doing whatever it takes to meet needs of the Jessamine County students and community.

“I’d like to thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ because he is the one that gives me everything,” Peel said. “I thank my family and my little wife… well everybody in this community. I want to thank everybody. Without your support of this school district we could not have accomplished anything —and don’t ever forget that. You are the reason why we did it and for our kids.”

Jessamine County Career and Technical Center Principal Dexter Knight said the center will offer strong career and technical training for students. Knight also said the new center will help prepare a new generation of high school students who will graduate with the first of many industry certifications.

“I am confident that the new diesel mechanics center will be one of those life changing programs for the first class of 2021 and the hundreds more in years to come,” Knight said.

Several pieces of equipment are scheduled to rotate through the center offering students a wide range of diesel trucks to work on and learn from. The first truck students will have the opportunity to work on is a Tandem Mack Dump Truck donated to the facility for a short while from the World Wide Equipment Company.

“I think it is safe to say we have all hit a home run with this project,” Moore said.