Restaurant Inspections

Published 10:19 am Thursday, September 13, 2018

The following restaurants were inspected by the Jessamine County Health Department:

European Delights, 221 E. Brannon Road, 98 Aug. 28. Notes: Interior of microwave in kitchen unclean. Food debris on the floor in walk-in freezer.

Childcare Network, 1101 Lauderdale Drive, 98 Aug. 28. Notes: Cabinet shelves unclean where pots/pans previously stored. Replace wiping cloth every four hours for use with sanitizer spray bottle.

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Penn’s Station, 112 Blueberry Lane, 96 on spot follow-up Aug. 23. Notes: Hand sink at rear of kitchen unclean and in poor condition. Wire shelving unclean where liquid butter is stored. Degreaser in spray bottle stored on self with food products. Grease on floor next to mop sink. Exterior of grease buckets covered with grease. Exterior of shop vac used to empty grease unclean. Degreaser moved to proper location on spot follow-up.

Rosenwald Dunbar Elementary School, 1500 Wilmore Road, 100 Aug. 30. Notes: None.

Academy of Great Beginnings, 101 Depot St., 96 Aug. 30. Notes: Gear on can opener unclean. Water leak from drain pipe under sink. Sanitizer test strips not located.

Pizza Hut, 521 N. Main St., 98 Aug. 21. Notes: Condensation on ceiling in walk-in freezer. Mildew inside ice machine.

Kluckers, 404 N. Lexington Ave., 94 Aug. 21. Notes: Cabinet doors in kitchen unclean. Shelves on storage carts unclean. Lids open on dumpster. Coffee stirs not dispensed properly. Retail shelves and products dusty. Dust and Mildew on cooling fan housing in walk-in cooler. Interior of ice machine unclean, mildew and calcium deposits. Floor unclean in storage room. Urinal out of order. Pizza cutting board in poor condition and must be replaced.

Family Market, 2260 Lexington Road, 98 Aug. 21. Notes: Light out over food prep area and food storage area. Door gaskets on prep cooler in poor condition. Beer cheese made in store not labeled with product name, ingredients or store name and address. Lid not sealing properly on chest freezer. Canned and bottled drinks stored on floor. Two open drink containers used as ingredients in beer cheese. Note: Must contact health department for information label approval for beer cheese.

Dixie Café, 108 Keene S. Elkhorn, Keene, 100 on spot follow-up Aug. 21. Notes: Storage shelves unclean in food prep area, pipes under prep sink unclean.

Solomon’s Porch, 111 E. Main St., Wilmore, 96 on spot follow-up Aug. 14. Notes: Doors on prep cooler in poor condition. Equipment shelves unclean. Floor under equipment unclean, front counter and kitchen. Storage shelves in display case unclean. Coffee stirs not dispensed properly. Observed bare hands contact with ready to eat foods. On spot follow-up discussed no bare hand contact with ready to eat foods.

Bluegrass Sportsman, 2500 Handy’s Bend, 98 Aug. 14. Notes: Soap dispenser not working at kitchen hand sink.

The Well Nutrition, 123 Orchard Drive, 99 Aug. 14. Notes: Cabinet storage shelves dusty. Use a sanitizer (bleach or quat) on tables, counter ect. in addition to cleaner.

Thoroughbred Golf Club, 1215 Highpoint Drive, 94 Aug. 28. Notes: Rodent droppings on floor in kitchen. Gnats in box with rotten onions. Interior and exterior of equipment unclean. Floor unclean under equipment. Mildew on interior of ice machine. 100 on follow-up Sept. 4.

Little Caesar’s, 421 Etter Drive, 93 Aug. 23. Notes: Mixing/stirring rod for sauce stored between boxes. Pepperoni stored in open boxes and uncovered in walk-in. Spray nozzle on three-compartment sink below rim of sink. 100 on follow-up Aug. 30. Notes: Food boxes now covered. Mixing rod for sauce now stored properly. Spray nozzle on three-compartment sink replaced and now remaining above rim of sink.

Speedway, 415 N. Main St., 98 Aug. 28. Notes: Exterior of donut case in poor condition. Sugar spilled on counter at coffee station. Door on beer cooler broken and not opening or closing properly. 100 on spot follow-up.

KY United Methodist Home, 1115 Ashgrove Road, 100 on Aug. 28. Notes: None.

— Dominos, 8005 Main St., 90 Aug.1. Notes: Wiping clothes not stored in sanitizer solution. Mop sink will not drain, back up. Must be replaced by licensed plumber. Hand soap almost out. Commercial hand soap dispenser recommended. Walls dirty where three-compartment and hand sink. Hole in bathroom wall under sink. Need follow-up.

Champion Trace, 95 Aug. 7. Notes: No soap or towels at kitchen hand sink. Two lights out in kitchen. Storage shelves unclean in food prep area. Mildew on interior of ice machine. Chest freezer over frosted preventing lid from shutting. Door gasket torn on artic air cooler.

Golf Club of the Bluegrass, 6000 Harrodsburg Road, 94 Aug. 7. Notes: Food and debris on floor under equipment. Floor covering torn in men’s restroom. Faucet in men’s restroom. Ice Scoops stored on dusty surface. Coffee stirs not dispensed properly.

Sonny’s BBQ, 109 N. Plaza Dr., 99 Aug. 7. Notes: Grease on floor of grill equipment. Handles of food warmers unclean.

Brusters, 111. N. Plaza Drive, 100 Aug. 7. Notes: None.