Residents want Wilmore to take action on nuisance

Published 11:01 am Wednesday, August 29, 2018

A property in Wilmore was recently cited for a nuisance violation after a concerned citizen spoke to the Wilmore City Council voicing a list of complaints dating back 25 years.

“We understand you have some continuing saga, 25 years or so, and you want to speak to the council,” Wilmore Mayor Harold Rainwater said in a recent city council meeting.

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Darell Bailey, a Wilmore resident, brought to the council’s attention a property located on Thacker Drive and a large amount of accumulation of items in the property’s yard.

“I just want to come and see what I can get done about this,” Bailey said. “It is not just affecting me. It is affecting everyone on Thacker Drive and people up on Lowery Lane.

It is not only unsightly, it is dangerous, and the building is getting ready to collapse. There is hazardous waste lying around and I think there needs to be immediate action taken on this.” Bailey said the property has items such as car tires, batteries and motor oil in the grass. At one time, Bailey alleged, drug dealers were openly dealing drugs.

“People would pull up in the car and one guy would run in and come running back out of Thacker Drive,” Bailey said. “That is not Thacker Drive. I just want this mess cleaned up.”

According to statute (KRS 381.770), “it is unlawful for the owner, occupant or person having control or management of any land within a city, county or consolidated local government to permit a public nuisance, health hazard or source of filth to develop thereon through the accumulation of junked or wrecked automobiles, vehicles, machines, mobile or manufactured homes or rubbish and excessive growth of weeds.”

“It is going on at Thacker Drive and it is going on across town,” Bailey said. “One man should not be allowed to cost this many people financial damage. That is what he has done. If I went to sell my duplex right now I’d have to take a hit on it. It would (sell for) 10 to 20 percent less than what it is worth. It has already started to effect the rental market up there.”

Bailey told the council the property owners on Thacker Drive are tired of the accumulation of trash and rubbish in their neighbors’ yard, and they plan to organize to see the problem resolved.

“You have been a very patient man for 25 years and that is a poor excuse coming from this side of the counter,” Rainwater said. “You have been patient, and nothing has been done and I think given the next action on the agenda tonight we are beginning to address that. It does need to be addressed. I am sorry on behalf of the city that you and other properties in town have had to deal with what you have dealt with, and I thank you for coming tonight.”

Council member Jeff Baier made a motion, seconded by Kim Deyer, to go into a closed session on potential litigation against the property owner. Almost one hour later, the council voted to authorize planning and zoning to pursue legal action against the property owner who will now be ordered to seek compliance with the KRS statute.