Restaurant Inspections

Published 4:09 pm Thursday, August 16, 2018

The following restaurants were inspected by the Jessamine County Health Department:

Wendy’s, located at 946 N. Main St., 92, July 12. Notes: Towel dispenser not working in back prep-room. Thermometer not accurate in salad cooler. Floor in poor condition at entrance to walk-in cooler.  Sanitizer level below 200 ppm in buckets for kitchen. Ceiling in poor condition in lower level dining area. Dispenser nozzle unclean on beverage machine at drive-thru.

Children’s Choice Learning, located at 717 S. Main St., 99, July 12. Notes: Water leak middle compartment of three-comp sink.

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Subway, located at 101 Quinn Drive, 100 on follow-up July 5. Notes: No ants during inspection on follow-up.

McDonald’s, located at 100 Imperial Way, 90, July 5. Notes: Exterior of ice cream machine unclean. Food debris and grease on floor in cooking area. Water leak around drain on three-comp sink. Mildew on inside of ice machine. Cart unclean at tea brewing station. Dispenser nozzle unclean on beverage machine at drive-thru and on coffee creamer machine. Door hinge broken on coffee creamer machine. Floor unclean in woman’s restroom. Dumpster door open. Water leak on spray nozzle on mop sink.  Floor tiles in poor condition in kitchen. Prep-fridge temperature was 52 degrees, possibly due to over crowding of product.

Fazoli’s, located at 1016 N. Main St., 96, July 5. Notes: Thermometer missing in two prep-coolers. Interior of prep-coolers unclean. Water on floor under fryer. Floor unclean behind lemon ice machine.

Sonic, located at 120 Bellerive Blvd., 98, July 5. Notes: Shelf unclean under sandwich make station. Floor unclean behind fryer.

Nicholasville Pit Stop, located at 1000 S. Main St., 97, July 12. Notes: Soap dispenser not working at hand sink in food prep-area.  Hand sink draining slowly. Water leak from drain pipe under three-comp sink. Handle stripped on cold water side on three-comp sin. Dumpster lid open. Ice bags not labeled with store name and address. No sanitizer test strips.

Asuka, located at 267 E. Brannon Road, 93, July 19. Notes: Area below dining room grills unclean. Floors unclean under dining room grills. Toilet out of order in woman’s restroom. Urinal out of order in men’s restroom. Storage shelves, prep-table shelves and exterior of equipment unclean in kitchen. Floor under equipment unclean. Prep-cooler door gaskets in poor condition. Floor in walk-in cooler in poor condition. Interior of cooler unclean. Exterior of equipment and shelves unclean in sushi bar and liquor bar. Floor unclean in sushi and liquor bar.

Joe’s Food Mart, 97, July 19. Notes: Door open on dumpster. Hand sink in food prep-area not working due to broken drain pipe. Grease on side of fryer and shelf beside fryer. Grease on floors under fryer. Floor unclean under food warmer. Hand sink at restroom unclean. Water dripping from cooling unit in walk-in cooler.

Dollar General, located at 600 Corman Drive, 96, July 19. Notes: Wire shelves and bottom of milk cooler unclean. Floor unclean along bottom edges of grocery shelves. Toilet unclean in men’s restroom. Toilet running in woman’s restroom.

Sam’s Club, located at 103 Bryant Drive, 91 and 97 on spot follow up, July 19. Notes: Two boxes of food on floor in walk-in freezer. No towels in dispenser at front hand sink in bakery. Ice at floor of entrance at bakery. Sanitizer level below 200 ppm at three-comp sink in bakery. No soap at rear hand sink in cafe. On spot follow up: Sanitizer dispenser corrected at three-comp sink in bakery.

Waffle House, located at 1034 N. Main St., 100, July 31. Notes: Dumpster replaced. Dishwasher machine repaired.

Copper River, located at 501 Keene Center, 84, July 24. Notes: Interior of prep-coolers unclean and pooled water. Raw steak and ground beef observed at 55 degrees and higher in prep-cooler. Prep-cooler not maintaining food temperature of 41 degrees or less. Pizza spatulas stored on unclean surface. Ice scoop and ice paddle stored on unclean surface. Sugar and breading containers unclean on exterior. Light out in walk-in meat cooler. Dishwashing machine rinse temperature not reaching 180 degrees or above to sanitize dishes. Dumpster in poor condition and leaking from bottom edge. Floor unclean under equipment in bar area. 98 on follow-up July 31. Notes: Pooled water inside prep-coolers. Debris on floor under equipment in bar area.

Burger King, located at 110 Quinn Drive, 95, July 24. Notes: Thermometer not readable in prep-cooler. Push cart in poor condition. Interior of ice cream cooler unclean. Dispenser nozzle unclean on beverage machine in dining area. Beverage syrup spill in cabinet on ice machine. Grease on floor at storage tank.

Five Star, located at 708 S. Main St., 97, July 24. Notes: Towels not dispensing from food prep hand sink. Interior of prep-cooler unclean. Cabinet shelves unclean in prep-area.  Floor unclean under beverage syrup rack. Toilet in men’s restroom unclean. Floor unclean in storage room and walk-in cooler.

Double Kwik, located at 4000 Catnip Hill, 98, July 26. Notes: Door gaskets on walk-in cooler in poor condition. Bottom of walk-in freezer unclean at reach-in doors. Shelves under food warmer unclean. Food debris on floor at food warmer and under equipment at prep-station. Floor unclean under equipment in food storage room. Floor unclean under equipment in DK Grill. Cabinet shelves unclean under front counter in DK Grill. Dumpster lid open.

Gourmet Goodies, located at 102 W. Oak St., 100, July 26. Notes: None.

— Big City Pizza, located at 114 Williams Drive, 94, July 26. Notes: Flour on lower shelves of prep-tables. Cabinet shelves unclean.

McDonald’s, located at 100 E. Brannon Road, 95, July 26. Notes: Two compartments on three-compartment sink not sealing to hold water in sink. Ice condensate on ceiling, floor, walls in walk-in freezer. Ice scoop holder unclean at drive-thru. Shelves under tea dispenser at drive-thru unclean. Orange juice dispenser and beverage dispenser at drive-thru unclean. Interior of cabinets unclean at beverage station in dining room.

Culver’s, located at 961 N. Main St., 86, July 12. Notes: Urinal unclean in men’s restroom. Beverage machine in dining area unclean around dispenser nozzles. Interior of cabinets unclean under beverage machine in dining area. Interior of freezer unclean at fryers. Beef pot roast and chili in steam table at 122 degrees. Mildew on interior of ice machine. Soap dispensers not in working condition at two hand sinks in kitchen. Dishwashing machine not sanitizing dishes. Chlorine level below 50 ppm. No sanitizer test strips for three-compartment sink and wiping cloth buckets. 99 on follow-up. Notes: Interior of cabinets unclean under beverage machine in dinning area.

Waffle House, located at 1034 N. Main St., 94, July 24. Notes: Dishwasher machine rinse temperature less than 180 degrees to sanitize dishes. Side door missing on dumpster.