Expanding the Reach

Published 9:37 am Thursday, August 9, 2018

Revive Life House adds Lexington location to continue fight against addiction

Revive Life House in Nicholasville is expanding with a new location in Lexington.

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A long-term recovery program for men with substance abuse issues, Revive Life House has grown since its conception two years ago, and currently serves 35 to 40 men in residential treatment, with four to six men in sober-living environments.

The program offers a holistic approach to substance abuse with professional clinical counseling, job readiness training and biblical studies.

“We had known Lighthouse Ministries in Lexington had a former ministry there, Nehemiah House, and we had a friendship with the executive director, Tay Henderson,” Revive Life House Executive Director Todd Johns said. “We began earlier this year dreaming and having conversations on what it would look like to start a Revive Life House in Lexington. Tay and her late husband Dan Henderson had always had a heart for those struggling with addiction, so it was a great fit for all of us.”

A grand opening celebration has been scheduled for 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. today at 185 Elm Tree Lane in Lexington. Guests who wish to attend are asked to help change and save a life by bringing a toiletry item to donate such as towels, deodorant, dental care or razors.

With a drug epidemic on the rise and Kentucky being one of the top three states per capita for overdose deaths, Johns said the lack of residential treatment provided in Lexington was apparent and the organization saw the need, reached out and is doing its part to fight the drug issues in the state and local counties.

Relying on donations from individual churches, grants and foundation money, Revive Life House is also an AODE/BHSO state-licensed Medicaid-providing facility. This means Medicaid insurance helps with a resident’s first few months of treatment, although does not cover the cost of the entire program.

“We look forward to the countless men’s lives and their families we will be able to touch and bring healing and hope to through this (new) 16-bed facility,” Johns said. “There is such a joy that comes with seeing the countenance of the men once they are a few days to a week into the program, seeing their heads lifted and the smiles return to their faces.”

Johns said, as men come through the four phases of the program, along with his staff, he has the privilege of watching them be restored to their families and begin to find themselves and their dignity through the work programs the facility offers.

Being able to watch someone find their self-worth again is priceless, Johns said.

“These men come from families and loved ones that long to see their, son, father, brother, uncle restored to health and wholeness,” Johns said. “It’s important because their lives matter. It’s important on all levels, socially and economically as well.”

The main goal of Revive Life House is establishing men back to their families, as well as helping them become healthy productive members of society.

Making Revive Life House’s job program a top priority helps ensure both of those goals, Johns said.

“We are hopeful that as God leads us in our existing facilities, Nicholasville and now Lexington, that we will continue to learn and grow our ministry with excellence and be good stewards of the resources we have been given,” Johns said. “We know that as we are faithful with the little, more will be given and so maybe one day this model will be replicated across various counties in the state. But for now, we are grateful to help and do our part right here in these two counties.”

For more information on Revive Life House, visit revivelifehouse.org or call 859-881-4505.