Miss Jessamine County crowned

Published 12:19 pm Thursday, July 19, 2018

Buchanan claims Miss Jessamine crown, looks forward to state competition

Emma Buchanan grew up cheerleading and started competing in pageants one year ago after friends and pageant directors in Mercer County would not take no for an answer.

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Earning the title of Miss Mercer County Fair 2017 and Top 15 Miss Kentucky County Fair 2017, Buchanan said she was drawn to the Jessamine County Fair pageant after hearing how welcoming the pageant directors are.

“Once I decided I wanted to participate in more pageants this summer, I was looking through open pageants and Jessamine stuck out to me,” Buchanan said. “It looked so nice, well put together, and I have been to Jessamine County many times.

“The town is so elegant and beautiful. I had also heard the directors were amazing, which is so true. They have been so welcoming during the week I have spent with them. I am so glad I competed in Miss Jessamine, and I cannot wait to represent this wonderful town and my directors at a state level.”

Growing up in Maysville, Buchanan attended Mason County High School until her father received a football coaching position and moved her family to Mercer County.

She is now a sophomore at the University of Kentucky, where she double majors in business marketing and management. Buchanan said since she graduated high school she had been missing her “thing” in life.

“Ever since I was a little girl I have cheered and I continued that through high school,” Buchanan said. “Cheerleading was always my thing, so I needed something else. Pageants could not have been a better fit for me, and this win makes me so proud I stepped out of my comfort zone and did something I never pictured myself doing.”

Buchanan said her biggest supporter is her mother. Never a pageant mom, Buchanan said she has adjusted well and has remained supportive and helpful through everything.

“She does whatever I need on the day of the pageant or the week leading up to it,” Buchanan said. “My other two supporters are Donna Horn and Emily Bottoms. They have guided me throughout all of my pageantries and I could not thank them enough.”

At the state competition, Buchanan said she is looking forward to staying at the Galt House with her mother and pageant directors and competing on the big stage.

“I am looking forward to seeing girls I met last year and made friends with,” Buchanan said. “It is such a fun experience and I cannot wait for January.”

Winning her first pageant was a memorable experience for Buchanan, as she said she knew she was about to embark on a journey she never expected in life.

“God always surprises us with the most beautiful plans,” Buchanan said. “(Another memorable experience) would be getting Top 15 out of almost 90 girls at the state level. For the state pageant to be my second pageant, I was so proud and honored to place.”

Buchanan’s parents, along with her two brothers, grandfather and best friends, were in attendance to watch her win the title of Miss Jessamine County last week. Buchanan said her friends and family are great supporters and she could have never done this without them.

“I felt so honored and proud to win Miss Jessamine County Fair 2018,” Buchanan said. “There is nothing like the moment they call your name as the winner. It is an indescribable feeling.

“I felt so thankful for everyone who helped me and came to support me, and I (am) so excited for the next step as Miss Jessamine County.”