Letter to editor

Published 12:48 pm Thursday, July 19, 2018

As a retired person who benefited from a good education, I have witnessed a decline in prioritizing our public education.

I am concerned about my grandchildren going forward. Our Kentucky Supreme Court in 1990 declared the state’s school funding system unconstitutional.

Legislators in Kentucky at that time strived to allocate funds across all counties to equalize funding that would improve literacy and graduation rates across the state.

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Kentucky went from the bottom to about middle of the pack and above in the rankings. An obvious testament to the impact of money well spent. However, now we have a political and funding issue for our schools.

According to an article in KCEP by Ashley Spalding Kentucky’s per-student inflation-adjusted cuts to its core funding for K-12 is the third worst in the nation. State funding for textbooks, professional development and extended school services have been cut sometimes outright.

There were several years in which the state provided no funding for textbooks at all. Ultimately, this erosion in services will harm educational outcomes and hinder our ability to build thriving communities across our Kentucky community.

How can we leave our children worst off than we were? Their education will not only impact their families but also their communities. And ultimately Kentucky in luring industry and those desirable of a better place to live. Each of us need to step up and fight for our children’s education and future community.

Of the candidates out there for Kentucky Senate, I must throw my allegiance to Carolyn Dupont. I vote for those who, I feel, have a commitment for the issues I believe in.  In conversations with her, she is committed to the future of our children’s education. As a former educator she well understands the impact of neglect in this area.

Next time you can, talk to a teacher. They certainly have an informed opinion. But be prepared for and have an open mind. It is mind boggling the funding problems faced by our schools.

Prince Dinger

Nicholasville, Kentucky