And the winner is! JCSC hosts All-Around Horse Show

Published 2:07 pm Thursday, July 12, 2018

From staff reports

The Jessamine County Saddle Club All-Around Horse Show took place June 23 at the Jessamine County Fairgrounds.

JCSC partnered with the Kentucky Equine Humane Center by donating proceeds from the style racking class to help rehabilitate and rehome mistreated or unwanted horses within the community.

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JCSC would like to thank Jessamine Car Care and Goins Painting who sponsored classes in the show.

Winners are as follows:

— Costume, first-place: Remmie Davis, second-place: Rob Goins, third-place: Emily Naylor and Lanie Humphrey.

— Ride-A-Buck, first-place: Alana Northern, second-place: Trinity Teater, third-place: Meeka Costs.

— Western Pleasure (Walk, Trot, Canter) first-place: Meeka Costs, second-place: Mike Johns.

— Pee-Wee Pleasure (10-year-old and under) tied for second-place: Zac Naylor and Landon Strange.

— Youth Pleasure (11-years-old to age 17) first-place: Rebecca Parker, second-place: Mady Goins, third-place: Alana Northern.

— Egg and Spoon, first place Allie Lawson. second-place: Trinity Teater, third-place: Debbie Warmly.

— Spotted Pleasure, first-place: Jennifer Spears, second-place: Amy Robinson, third-place: Rebecca Parker.

— JCSC Pleasure (member 30 days), first-place: Mady Goins, second-place: Jennifer Spears, third-place: Rebecca Parker.

— Simon Says, first-place: Meeka Costs, second-place: Rebecca Parker, third-place: Landon Strange.

— Pee-Wee Poles (10-years-old and under), first-place: Landon Strange.

— Junior Poles (11-years-old to age 17), first-place: Trinity Teater, second-place: Allie Lawson.

— Open Poles, first-place: Sarah Benton, second-place: Meeka Costs.

— Generation Gap (riders with 10 year age difference), first-place: Mady and Rebecca Parker, second-place: Kate McGuigan and Landon Strange, third-place: Robby and Mady Goins.

— Trail Pleasure Racking, first-place: Jennifer Spears, second-place: Mike Johns, third-place: Kate McGuigan.

— Country Pleasure Walking, first-place: Debby Wormy, second-place: Glendon Ballard, third-place: Tyler Young.

— Pee-Wee Barrels (10 and under), first-place: Landon Strange.

— Youth Barrels (11-years-old to age 17) first-place: Trinity Teater, second-place: Allie Lawson.

— Open Barrels, first-place: Meeka Costs, second-place: Katie Allen, third-place: Trinity Teater.

— Musical Sacks Open, first-place: Allie Lawson, second-place: Trinity Teater.

— Ribbon Race, first-place: Sarah Benton and Trinity Teater, second-place: Landon Strange and Rebecca Parker.

— Wheel Barrow Race, first-place: Vance Hager and Laykin Tuner, second-place: Cody Martin.

— Pee-Wee Speed (10 and under), first-place: Landon Strange.

— Youth Speed (11-years-old to age 17) first-place: Trinity Teater, second-place: Allie Lawson.

— Dash For Cash, first-place: Trinity Teater, second-place: Meeka Costs, third-place: Sarah Benton.

— Style Racking (Kentucky Equine Humane Benefit), first-place: Vanessa Sturgill, second-place: Robby Goins, third-place: Cody Martin.

— Speed Racking (must maintain gate) first-place: Alana Northern, second-place: Robby Goins, third-place: Cody Martin.