Restaurant Inspections

Published 2:25 pm Thursday, June 21, 2018

The following restaurants were inspected by the Jessamine County Health Department:

— Giovanni’s – 96, May 24. Notes: Door and handles unclean on prep cooler. Freezer lid in poor condition. No towels in restroom dispenser (employee restroom).

— China King – 98, May 24. Notes: Bowel with no handle used as scoop in rice. Raw food stored in non-food grade bags in freezer.

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— Subway 1024 N. Main St. – 96, May 24. Notes: No towels in dispenser at front hand sink. Cutting boards nearing point of requiring replacement due to grooves on surface. Dust on walls and cabinets at beverage machines.

— Dairy Queen 900 S. Main St. – 88, May 24. Notes: Towels stuck dispenser at kitchen hand sink. Potentially hazardous foods in cooler at 71 degrees: bacon, sausage, eggs, cheese slices, ham and liquid eggs. Prep-cooler out of order. Floor under cooking equipment unclean. Thermometer broken in cook like prep-cooler. No thermometer in candy station cooler. Needs new placard.

— Academy of Little Learners – 100, May 24. Notes: None.

— Circle K #3248 100 Bellerive – 97 May 11. Notes: Microwave in poor condition. Large exposed area in back. Floor dirty with syrup in back. Wall near comp and mop sink dirty. Poor repairs.

— East Jessamine Middle School – 100, May 2. Notes: No violations found.

— Connemara Golf – 98, May 10. Notes: Inside of microwave unclean. Floor unclean in storage closets.

— The Providence School – 99, May 8. Notes: Ceiling not in good repair in corner of kitchen near dusty vent.

— Cracker Barrel – 97, May 10. Notes: Exterior of food warmer rusted. Exterior of equipment on cook line unclean. Floor under cooking equipment unclean. Can opener and sleeve unclean on prep table.

— Jessamine County Fast Pitch Youth Softball – 100, May 5. Notes: Good job.

— Euro – 98, May 1. Notes: Self closing doors needed for restroom. Working on floor options.

— Eli’s Shelf – 99, May 17. Notes: Broken ceiling tiles and other debris on floor behind freezer. Litter on ground at dumpster. Old couch behind dumpster enclosure. Floor unclean in walk-in cooler.

— Corman’s Cafeteria – 99, May 17. Notes: Grease on floor under fryer.

— Firehouse Subs – 100, May 17. Notes: None.

— Big Apple LLC – 83, Nay 17; 96 on follow up. Notes: Hand sink for kitchen not acceptable. Hand sink in kitchen not draining. Grease on floor around grill and fryer. Storage shelves unclean in kitchen. Sinks, toilets and floor unclean in restrooms. Urinal out of order in men’s restroom.  Counter top cooler not maintaining proper food temperature of 41 degrees or less. Shield unclean inside ice machine. Foods improperly stored in walk-in cooler. Sanitizer strips not located. Two auto tires behind store. Grease tank unclean on spot follow up. Due to kitchen hand sink not draining, a new sink must be installed in the kitchen for hand washing by next routine inspection. Use three compartment sink for hand washing until new hand sink is installed.

— Keene Run Golf – 97, May 10. Notes: Clean pots stored on floor. Must be stored off the floor and protected. Hand sink at bar not working and is missing soap and paper towels.

— Triple R Mini Mart – 99, May 10. Notes: Inside of refrigerator unclean. Coffee stirs not dispensed properly.

— Los Tres Amigos – 82, May 10; 91 on spot follow up. Notes: Refried beans on steam table held at 100 degrees. Floor tiles in poor condition in kitchen. Wall covered in poor condition in kitchen. Door gasket on two door cooler in poor condition. Gnats on rotting tomatoes in kitchen. Dumpster lid open. Water and food related debris on ground behind building. Water leak under three compartment sink in bar area. Sink unclean in restroom in bar area. On spot follow up, notes: Refried beans reheated to 165 degrees and held at 135 degrees on steam table. Rotten tomatoes removed from bin and tomatoes washed.