Local author Anne Carmichael releases memoir

Published 10:21 am Thursday, June 14, 2018

resident of Jessamine County for 24 years, Anne Carmichael recently released a memoir, “Finding Joy,” which she hopes will provide an insight for adoptees, adoptive parents and biological families.

A transplant from nearby Fayette County, Carmichael said she loves the small-town atmosphere of Jessamine County. Living within five miles of the county line, she spends her time enjoying the best of both worlds.

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“I was born and raised in Lexington,” Carmichael said. “But our entire family relocated here to get away from the city, the urban sprawl and the traffic. My daughter and her family live less than a mile from me and have also chosen to raise their family here. My son’s children are grown now and he and his wife live in Lexington, but it’s just a 15-minute drive so I still have my loved ones near.”

Next month, Carmichael will be one of 50 participating authors in the 2018 Lexington Legendary Book Bash July 14 at the Grand Reserve, located at 903 Manchester St. Unit 190. She is also the author of “Geri-Antics: The Ramblings of a Crazy Old Broad” published monthly in The Jessamine Journal.

Recently retired, Carmichael spent the last 12 years working for Taylor Made Farm as the executive assistant to the president. She also previously worked for Lexmark.

She was inspired to become a writer by what she likes to call “divine intervention.”

“I saw a blind cat on social media and something urged me to write about him,” Carmichael said. “All of my books have come from someplace deep within my soul that urges me to write.”

Because her first book was about a cat, Carmichael said she became known for writing animal books, although knew she didn’t want to do that forever.

Wanting more of a challenge, her first adult novel was a mystery titled “Elderhaus,” followed by a historical fiction novel “The Manifest.” Her new work, “Finding Joy,” is autobiographical and offers a perspective on how being an adoptee impacted her life.

As to her writing style, Carmichael said to expect the unexpected.

“Clearly, I go wherever my heart leads me,” Carmichael said. “I can’t be categorized into a single genre. Tomorrow I may write something totally out of character. I don’t color within the lines. I don’t follow the rules. I’m off the wall and out of the box. You either love me or leave me. I’m not middle of the road.”

Carmichael encourages young aspiring authors to follow their dreams only if it is truly their passion.

“Follow your dream, whatever that may be,” Carmichael said. “If it’s writing, it must be your passion. Don’t expect to become rich and famous. Do it because you love it, or it will swallow you up. If it’s not your passion it becomes the hardest job you’ll ever have. The competition is overwhelming. You must be vigilant about marketing yourself and your work every single day. If it’s something you love to do, then it’s no longer work.”

For more information, or to purchase a novel, visit www.annecarmichaelauthor.com