Three on ballot for 3rd District magistrate

Published 12:21 pm Thursday, May 17, 2018

From staff reports

Republicans will have three choices for Jessamine County’s third district magistrate in next week’s election, scheduled for Tuesday, May 22: Terry Meckstroth, Todd Gooch and Darrell K. York.

Meckstroth is a graduate of Asbury College where he obtained a degree in History. He also studied Spanish education at Ohio State University, and received a masters in education from Eastern Kentucky University.  He has taught at both the junior high and high school levels, and served as principal for West Jessamine Middle School. He is currently serving as third district magistrate, and is a member of the Kentucky Community College Board of Directors.

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Gooch is a graduate from Jessamine County High School. He is the president and owner of Gooch Construction Corporation and although he does not have any political experience, he is involved in the community with organizations such as Big Brothers, Wounded Warriors and Habitat for Humanity.

York is self employed at CourtLand Hall Antiques. He has previously run for the office of Jessamine County P.V.A. in 2010.

JJ: What will be your top priority if elected to office?

TM: My top priority is hearing the concerns and voicing the wishes of the majority of my constituents.

TG:  A top priority is to ensure our taxpayers are receiving the services they are paying for. I believe demanding accountability in our county government is required. I will watch for fiscal responsibility and look out for the best interests’ of the people in my county .

DY: To work for the people of Jessamine County in an honest and fair manner.

What makes you the best candidate for the job:

TM: My experience as magistrate and knowing how to accomplish what is most needed in the county.

TG: My strong business background and because I can make tough, yet conservative decisions. I won’t back down from making the right decisions for district three. Over the last 35 years, I have balanced budgets, negotiated contracts which have created jobs, brought tax dollars to many communities. I love my county.

DY: 35 years business experience, honest good listener with fresh ideas.

JJ: What professional/political accomplishments are you most proud of in your life?

TM: I have a strong influence in the education system, affecting many lives. I have helped to mirlritaili rural character and beauty of the county, and allowed good growth. I have worked on many issues such as roads, bridges, guard rails and speeding to make our county as safe as possible.

TG: Running a successful business for 35 years. Having great relationships with my employees, their families and many companies across Kentucky. I am proud to run a company that keeps its word to its employees and customers, no matter how tough the situation. I will use same calm tenacity as magistrate.

DY: I take pride in my work and have many satisfied customers. My politics are Christian and Republican.

JJ: What is the biggest challenge our community faces?

TM: I want to make our county a place which attracts people to our area because of its beauty, affordability, and opportunities for livelihood and business. We need to give our graduates opportunities for employment.

TG:  I will work diligently to help find a solution for the urgent need for a new jail facility to accommodate our overflowing inmate population and support ongoing and new programs addressing drug and criminal issues. In saying this, I will remain true to safety, wellbeing and interest of the people.

DY: Adhere to existing laws, ordinances and leadership deficiencies in execution.

JJ: How do you plan to involve residents in the decision making process in our town?

TM: I invite residents to attend fiscal court meetings to voice their opinions and concerns reharding their area when issues are brought to our attention and being addressed. I try to select people from the third district to serve on committees to have adequate representation from our area.

TG: I will make myself completely accessible to all who reach out to me. I will seek out opinions from the constituents of district three about their wants and needs.

DY: By listening to them with their needs, concerns and ideas for improvement. I am, and will be accessible.

JJ: If elected, what three steps would you take to put our city on a firmer financial footing?

TM: We need to continue to find ways to increase revenue, continue efforts to make Jessamine County attractive to businesses, and to coordinate fiscal responsibilities in a well distributed manner.

TG: One, I will work hard to help create a fiscally responsible budget that will meet the needs of the county. Two, I will look at ways to help the county create revenue so it can provide tools for all parts of its government to function properly and work with jailer.

DY: I have been and will continue to be fiscally responsible regarding all matters pertaining to the job of magistrate and the fiscal court.

JJ: Any additional comments?

TM:  I appreciate having the privilege of serving you as county magistrate and I hope to continue helping my constituents to the best of my ability in the future. I thank all of you who have honored me with the trust you have placed in me.

TG: I am humbled by this election process. I would appreciate the opportunity to represent the county where I was raised in and promise to uphold my promises to the people, many of whom are my friends and neighbors. I will always do what is right for the county I love.

DY:  We need new leadership and new ideas to carry on the work of the third district and fiscal court. I humbly ask for your vote and thank you for it.