Restaurant Inspections

Published 12:32 pm Thursday, May 17, 2018

The following restaurants were inspected by the Jessamine County Health Department.

— Pioneer College Caterers – 96 on April 26. Notes: Shelves under for serving units unclean. Water leak on floor under dishwashing machine. Door gasket in poor condition – second door warmer.

— Field House Concession Stand – 97 on April 25. Notes: Gray piece above ice inside ice machine in need of cloning. Microwave in need of cleaning. Hang brooms and mops when not in use.

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— West Jessamine High School basketball concessions – 99 on April 25. Notes: Microwave and ice machine in need of cleaning.

— Dollar Tree – 94 on April 24. Notes: Expired lunch products in cooler. Bottom of cooler dirty. Carpet has stains and debris. Carpet needs cleaning. 98 on follow up. Notes: Expired lunch products removed and corrected.

— Red Oak Elementary School – 100 on April 25. Notes: No violations found.

— Jimmy Johns – 97 on April 24. Notes; Tomato slicer repaired with tape. Ice scoop cracked and repaired with tape. Covered trash can needed in the woman’s restroom.

— Arby’s – 98 on April 23. Notes; Several Pieces of ice dirty in ice bin. Removed during inspection.

— Jessamine Early Learning Village – 100 on April 19. Notes: Good job.

— EZ Mart and Deli – 96 on April 19. Notes: Interior of deli and cooler unclean. Exterior of equipment unclean, Interior of prep cooler unclean. Floor unclean under and behind equipment. Ceiling tile damaged from leak above deli cooler. Interior of ice machine unclean. Sugar dispensed from open four pound bad at althea station.

— East Jessamine High School – 100 on April 19. Notes: No violations found.

— East Jessamine High School basketball – 94 on April 19. Notes: Sink unclean. Interior oaf microwave unclean. Hand sink unclean. Floor unclean under and behind equipment. Note: Bleach and sanitizer tabs and appropriate chemical test strips must be kept in concession for use during operation of concession to sanitize utensils and dishes.

— Subway – 97 on April 19. Notes: Bottled drinks stored under chemical storage shelves. Ceiling tiles displaced over cooler and freezer.

— Nicholasville Elementary School – 98 on April 16. Notes: One refrigerator not keeping to 41 degrees or below.

— Warner Elementary School – 100 on April 17. Notes: Good job.

— Sweet Drip Coffee House – 95 on April 10. Notes; Food items must be labeled. Single serve straws must be wrapped or dispensed individually. Covered waste basket needed in women’s restroom. Wall behind coffee not easily cleaned.

— Brookside Elementary – 98 on April 12. Notes; Leaks at soap detergent connection own side of dish machine.

— Subway – 99 on April 12. Notes: Inside top of microwave unclean. lower shelf unclean under prep area.

— Papa John’s – 92 on April 12. Notes; No toilet paper in women’s restroom. Toilet and sink unclean in men’s restroom. Urinal out of order. Can opener unclean around blade and gear. Food handler using bare hands to touch peppers. 98 on spot follow up. Notes: Can opener washed. Tongs placed in peppers for serving.

— West Jessamine Middle School – 100 on April 12. Notes: none.

— AFC Sushi – 100 on April 5. Notes: none.

— Kroger – 96 on April 5. Notes: Interior unclean of cooler on bottom shelf deli. Rubber shelf mat is unclean. Deli storage shelves. Floor unclean under shelves in deli area. Fuel center cart in stock room- chemicals and food items improperly stored. Floor unclean in walk-in freezer.

— Daylight Donuts – 100 on April 5. Notes: None.

— Applebee’s – 97 on April 5. Notes; Faucet loose on kitchen hand sink. Water leak from pipe under dishwashing machine. Ice condensate on food boxes in walk in freezer.

— ABC Learning Academy – 98 on April 5. Notes: Interior of microwave unclean. Water drip from faucet on 3 compartment sinks.

— Tates Creek Mini Mat – 91 on April 2. Notes; Dumpster lid open. Un-wrapped coffee stirs/straws stored in styrofoam cup. Straws shall be in a dispenser or wrapped. Floor in poor condition in retail area. Debris on floor in walk-in drink refrigerator. Numerous expired food products – milk, egg, meat. Numerous expired medicine. No sanitizer test strips. Need to get chlorine test strips for testing bleach water in three compartment and for utensil washing. 92 on follow up. Notes: expired food and medicine removed from shelf.

— Jessamine County Youth Baseball – 100 on April 30. Notes: Good job.

— Starbucks – 100 on April 30. Notes; No violations found.

— Jessamine County Youth Football concessions – 99 on April 27. Notes: Inside of refrigerator in need of cleaning.

— Head Start – 95 on April 27. Notes: Dumpster lids open. Cloth rugs not allowed in kitchen. Sanitizer test strips needed for chlorine solution at three compartment sink. Commercial dishwasher leaking water onto floor and making the floor soft.