Meckstroth works for all of county

Published 2:44 pm Thursday, May 3, 2018

I would like to give a huge shout out to Magistrate Terry Meckstroth, retired educator/administrator, who serves Jessamine County’s 3rd District. We’ve lived at the same address for almost 25 years, and in the time that Meckstroth has been in office, he has been one of the most responsive and supportive elected officials I have ever witnessed. We’re talking about a man who is willing to take on any issue that deals with the welfare of the county and its residents, and who will see to it personally that the issue is resolved.

For instance, when residents in our neighborhood asked if our mailboxes could be placed in front of our houses instead of clustered at a corner, Meckstroth made sure it was done. Before the advent of universal GPS and tracking, when we asked if our court could actually have a name instead of having to tell a delivery truck, “just go down the street and turn right,” he saw to it that our court got a name and a sign.

In addition, for the common good of all who drive the roads in District 3, Meckstroth contacted the road department for us and saw to it that deer warning signs were placed on Delaney Ferry Road around the Champion Trace golf course after more than one collision and lots of close calls for cars, their drivers and the deer. The area is safer because of this. He has gone to bat for his constituents in regard to the constant red light-running at the intersection of Harrodsburg and Brannon Roads and has taken on Central Kentucky Hauling on behalf of residents over pick-up issues.

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No matter how big or small the issue, Meckstroth is there when you need him. He is a supporter of Jessamine County’s Comprehensive Plan of growth, and a supporter of maintaining green space in our county. It is quite obvious that he takes his job seriously, that he is committed to not only the people of his district, but to the welfare of all Jessamine County.

Karen Joly

Jessamine County