Local student greenhouse open for business; all proceeds benefit students at tech center

Published 11:10 am Thursday, April 26, 2018

Jessamine Career and Technology Center hosts an annual student-run greenhouse, which is currently open for business until May 5.

Starting by planting seeds in January, JCTC teacher Ryan Thomas said most of the plants the students seeded themselves.

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“Some of it started as early as January, and some of it we were still seeding up to the middle of March,” Thomas said. “The week we had 10 snow days we were behind so I had a greenhouse week where all five classes came out at least one-to-two days to help get everything done before spring break that needed to be done.”

The greenhouse is located at  871 Wilmore Road and is open 2:30 to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday from April 23 to May 5. The greenhouse will also be open on Saturday, May 6, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Prices range from $2 for a three-pack or $20 for a flat, which include bedding plants and potted plants. Hanging baskets are also available from $12 – $18 and include varietals such as Calibrachoa, wave Petunias, Fuchsia, Boston Ferns and Dragon Wing Begonias. Vegetables are also available for $2 per four-pack or $20 per flat and include tomatoes and peppers. Herbs are available for $2 per 4-inch pot.

Thomas said all of the profit made from the sale of the greenhouse plants will be donated back to the JCTC agricultural department and the students. JCTC houses 600 agricultural students, and funding through projects like the greenhouse ensures the students can take part in different labs and field trips throughout the year. This year, Thomas said 18 students helped get plants ready for the JCTC greenhouse where students also pitch in with sales and customer service.

Mason Blackford, a junior at West Jessamine High School, is a first timer to the greenhouse this year.

“This is my first year it has been a pretty cool process,” Blackford said. “At the end, it has been cool to see how we all put it together and worked together as a team. To see the end result is pretty cool, and to see how people come in here and buy it is a pleasing feeling. We all did it together.”

Morgan Berryman, a freshman at East Jessamine High School, said the greenhouse at JCTC helped her learn for the future.

“I like it,” Berryman said. “It is really fun. It gives you hands-on experience for what it is like to work in a greenhouse and if you want to do it in the future.”

Kyle Miller, a junior at West Jessamine High School, also worked in the greenhouse for the first time this year and said he was thrown into it.

“I actually kind of like it,” Miller said. “It is really cool to see the prices and seeing it all come together.”

For more information contact 859- 881-8324.