Jessamine County Saddle Club hosts annual Coggins Clinic

Published 11:09 am Thursday, April 26, 2018

The Jessamine County Saddle Club recently held its annual Coggins Clinic at the Jessamine County Fairgrounds Saturday, April 14, and is looking for new members to join its group.

A “Coggins” is a blood test that detects antibodies to the disease Equine Infectious Anemia — a highly contagious and potentially fatal viral disease for horses.

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“A negative Coggins is required to travel with your horse, and required to compete in shows and activities,” vice president Amy Goins said. “Vaccinations are vital to keeping your horse healthy.”

The annual clinic is hosted in the spring each year and is open to the public, although members of the club receive discounted pricing.  The clinic hosted veterinarians from Rood and Riddle Equine Hospital and this year serviced over 30 horses.

“When I was a little girl, I remember coming out to the hoof-a-nanny’s and having the best time,” Goins said.  “I got to see all my friends, ride horses, win ribbons, prizes and money.  I choose to become involved with the saddle club to help keep up the past traditions and find new ways to keep our youth involved in these equine based community events.  I love to look out and see the smile on the little one’s faces when they win.”

Founded in 1960, the club currently has monthly meetings at 7 p.m. in the agriculture building at the fairgrounds on the first Monday of each month.  The next scheduled meeting is May 7. Membership dues are $25 a year for a family, or $10 per individual. Officers are selected via a nomination and voting process, and founding members are considered lifetime members who participate in guiding the new acting officers.

“People can join the club to support the youth and interact with other people within the community with like equine interests, and network,” Goins said.

Events are planned throughout the year. This year, a Memorial Day campout is scheduled at Redhill Horse Camp on May 24 – 28. Goins said the club mostly operates on money which is raised through shows.

“We typically do not fundraise,” Goins said. “We make money off of the shows we put on during the year, and we save that money to host dinners, provide meals at campouts, award members with prizes or pay for prizes and trophies for shows.”

Goins said the Jessamine County Saddle Club hosts a spring, summer and fall show, in addition to a fair show as well as various day rides and camping trips.

“People can join the saddle club by contacting an acting officer, or visiting one of the monthly meetings,” Goins said. “Members receive access to discounted services at the Coggins clinic, admission to members-only classes during horse shows, points accrual from participation for prizes and all other contests and meals planned throughout the year.  We also Ride as a group in the St. Nich parade held in downtown Nicholasville each December and host a holiday meal for all members and their families.”

Goins said the club also gives back to the local community by working with The Nicholasville Lions Club and Steps and Strides Equestrian Service who offers riding programs for children and young adults with disabilities.

Monthly meetings, she said, are held to discuss future shows, events, rides, camping trips and dinners hosted by the club. Goins said the club operates under standard parliamentary procedures. Treasurers reports and previous meeting minutes are also reviewed at monthly meetings which are also spent planning and voting on matters regarding events, much like the Coggins Clinic that was recently held.

For more information on the Jessamine County Saddle Club, contact Amy Goins at 859-576-4157 or Mandy Rogers at 361-935-9440.