Chamber welcomes Thoroughbred Golf Club

Published 11:11 am Thursday, April 26, 2018

Thoroughbred Golf Club celebrated with a ribbon cutting Tuesday and urges everyone to come experience the new clubhouse where High Point Golf Course was formerly located.

“The golf course was not highly looked upon by the golf community,” General Manager and Head Golf Professional Chris Boysel said. “The building in here was in massive disrepair. Taylor Made looked on it as a way to both expand their brand and also to build on what they were already dong. As you can see around the shop, this is also their central location for all their tours.”

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Thoroughbred Golf Club is located at 1215 Highpoint Drive and is open 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. seven days a week. Boysel said Taylor Made purchased the golf course almost two and a half years ago, and went to work making massive improvements to the facility and the course itself.

“We are a public facility still open to anyone that wants to come out and play,” Boysel said. “The prices are still very reasonable. We are still one of the most reasonably priced in the area. We still draw a lot of business because of that. Our memberships have vastly improved over the last two years. We are one of the facilities that is actually going up instead of down and it helps that we are a multi-dimensional facility that is not just golf.”

Boysel said the facility doubles as an event space, and recently played host to a variety of events such as birthday parties, cattlemen auctions, Saturday night golf, a men and women’s league, and couples nines and dines. The golf course also serves as a stopping ground for tours offered at the local Taylor Made Farm.

The president for local Taylor Made farm, Duncan Taylor, said 2019 will mark the 50th anniversary of the Taylor Family owning property in Jessamine County.

“We bought the farm in 1969 on Union Mill (when) I was 12 years old,” Taylor said. “Recently we have gone into the hospitality business. What prompted us to do that is the Bourbon Trail. We created Horse Country tours at our facility and we had 2,500 people the first year and 6,000 last year. With the golf course, we opened Daddy Joe’s and the gift shop. Tours for the farm begin and end here. Daddy Joe’s was my father’s name. He didn’t want to be called Grandad so all the kids called him Daddy Joe. We offer weddings, business lunches, anyway we can share our property and what we got going on here is what we want to do.”

Boysel said the golf club is also open for tournaments due to now being able to offer a better seating area and menu to quests. During the season, Boysel said the staff has been told the greens are among some of the best in the area.

“It is amazing, you can tell when people walk in the door and they haven’t been here in a while because their eyes just light up like a Christmas tree,” Boysel said. “It was not just bad in here it was dilapidated. It was really bad. It was embarrassing. Now you walk in and you are like, ‘wow this is not the same place.’ The course is in nicer shape, the carts are nicer, the staff is nicer and the food is good. They had hot dogs on a roller before. Everything builds upon itself and I think that is a big reason we are having so much success. It is significantly nicer than it used to be.”

For more information, call 859-887-4614.