Letter to editor

Published 10:49 am Thursday, April 19, 2018

Legislature to blame for years of failures

The Jessamine Journal’s April 5 headline, “Educators concerned about SB 151” hit the nail on the head.

The passing of  the teachers’ pension reform in such an underhanded way is undeniably a gross injustice executed by our elected Kentucky lawmakers.

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However, to demand that Gov. Matt Bevin be voted out of office is equally unjust.

The pension plan was bankrupted long before Bevin even thought about running for governor. It was the  previous governors and administrations who shamefully spent our teachers’ financial future.

Twenty years ago, the pensions were fully funded. Over the course of those two decades, political benefits were handed out — thus draining the system.

The present Kentucky General Assembly was left with this messy miscarriage of justice. Unfortunately, as a whole, they have blown their opportunity to step up to the plate with a stellar solution that would take work.

No doubt there is a percentage of diligent public servants in Frankfort, but their ranks seem sparse.

Bevin has previously exposed Frankfort’s failure to put in the time, effort and passion required to get Kentucky’s needs met. That’s why there is no budget. In this case, it is the need to rectify and reimburse the teachers’ pension coffer, and create an equitable balanced budget.

We rely on teachers to teach truth. The truth is that Bevin’s hands were tied by an assembly that was not willing to repent of their slothful ways and seek God’s guidance on how they could best serve the people of Kentucky.

I am all about forgiveness and restoration. Our God always “makes a way where there seems to be no way” when we invite Him to have His way! 

Dr. Kathryn Hendershot