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Published 4:25 pm Friday, April 13, 2018

Kentucky Equine Humane Center livestreaming adoptable horses

Kentucky Equine Humane Center is now offering a new experience for those wishing to adopt a horse or learn more about the facility.

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Starting April 5, the center partnered with and is now the latest center to offer live camera streaming for those interested in viewing adoptable horses.

“This webcam gives us international exposure and the opportunity for more people to become educated about the work we do — rehabilitation, training, and then finding adoptive homes for our horses,” Karen Gustin, executive director of the Kentucky Equine Humane Center, said. “There is a comment section on the page that allows us to interact with people and answer questions.”

The Kentucky Equine Humane Center rescues abandoned, neglected or owner-surrendered horses and rehabilitates those who need it. Horses are retrained to a level of safe adoptability, and the center then works to help place each horse with the right owner.

The camera, Gustin said, is scheduled to stream live from sunrise to sunset, and shoots over two 20-acre fields of the 72-acre center.

“These horses have come from a wide variety of circumstances; surrendered because of abuse, 

abandonment and neglect, or from owners who can no longer care for them,” Gustin said. “We are here to help those horses transition to a new, productive life with loving owners.”

The center is capable of housing 50 horses at a time and rehomes 50 to 60 horses annually. Regularly maintaining a wait list, the new cameras will give the viewer the ability to view 15 to 25 of the center’s horses at any given time.

“They will be able to see horses running, playing, feeding and just being normal horses,“ Gustin said. “We are very grateful to to include us in their roster of webcams and are looking forward to continuing and growing our partnership.”

Gustin said support for the center can be offered through volunteers or donations of money or supplies. Information is available at

For more information, call 859-881-5849.