Restaurant Inspections

Published 4:40 pm Friday, April 13, 2018

The following restaurants were inspected by the Jessamine County Health Department:

— —CJ’s Deli – 95 on March 7. Notes: Ceiling tiles water stained due to leak. Sanitizer needed for three compartment sinks. 99 on follow up March 14. Notes: Follow up inspection: Bleach and test strips are now available. Ceiling tiles water stained due to leak.

— Bellacombs – 99 on March 16. Notes: Plastic food container cracked.

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— WJHS Cafeteria – 99 on March 28. Notes: Peeling and growth on wall in dishwashing area.

— Fiesta Mexico – 90 on March 27. Notes; Floor drain clogged near break room. Boxes of drinks and one case of ketchup in water on floor. Can opener unclean around blade and gear. Ground beef being thawed at room temperature. Side door opened at dumpster. Chip debris on floor under water unit. Wiping clothes stored on counter tops in cooks keeping wiping clothes on apron.

— West Jessamine Middle School Fieldhouse – 96 on March 29. Notes: Need thermometer in all freezers and coolers. Need sanitizer test strips for checking sanitizer level in three compartment sinks.

— Rosenwald Dunbar Elementary – 99 on March 29. Notes: Wall A/C unit dripping condensate water on floor.

— Kroger located at 170 Bellerive Blvd. – 94 on March 20. Notes: Slicers must be cleaned between use when products differ. Varied meats on slicer. Equipment in deli, cooler, freezer, and dishwasher shelves dirty with accumulation. Serving spoons stored unprotected. Floors dirty, poor repairs. Dirty behind and under three compartment sinks in walk in. Walls and ceiling in three comp/dish room dirty. Food managers class April 11 at 1. Call 888-2310. Good job on rot. chicken logs. Dishwasher log discussed.

— Francis Asbury Society – 100 on March 27. Notes: none.

— Hogfather’s BBQ – 99 on March 23. Notes: Absorbent wood not allowed on self as line.

— Bridgeport – 96 on March 20. Notes: During the inspection it was noted that un-authorized workers enter the kitchen to make drinks and receive food. Only those authorized to work in the kitchen may enter the kitchen. Call to discuss as needed. 885-2310. Flour container is not food grade. General equipment cleaning. Under toaster, warmer, ice machine and as needed.

— Jessamine County Adult Day – 100 on March 20. Notes: Good job.

— Jessamine County Extension Office – 100 on Feb. 26. Notes: Good job.

— Speedway #9330 – 98 on March 21. Notes: Expired dairy products in cooler. Floors in back dirty, poor condition. Walls in back dirty, poor condition. 100 on follow up. Notes: expired dairy products in cooler – removed and corrected.

— Allstar – 100 on March 20. Notes: No violations found.

— Kroger – 94 on March 22. Notes: Floors unclean due to ongoing renovation in store. Sink drain not sealing to hold water in sink (3 comp) in meat cutting room. Faucet loose on handsink in meat cutting room. Hole in wall in meat cutting room.

— J’s place – 98 on March 22. Notes: Clean plates stored on dusty shelf. Floors unclean under equipment.

— Great Wall – 98 on March 22. NotesL Several foods uncovered in walk-in cooler. Several foods stored on floor in the walk-in freezer.

— Fitch’s IGA – 90 on March 22. Notes: Interior of freezer repaired with duct tape Interior and exterior of equipment unclean – freezers, cooler, prep tables and shelves. Deli cooler at kitchen not maintaining food temperature of 41 degrees or less. Sink and toilet unclean in mens restroom. Deli meats not marked with a “consumer by” date after package is opened. 94 on spot follow up. Notes: Deli meats marked with dates.

— Nicholasville United Methodist Church Kitchen – 100 on March 17. Notes: n/a.

— Bellaire Academy – 100 on March 19. Notes: n/a.

— Rose Terrace Lodge – 100 on March 14. Notes: Good job.

— Joy Food – 93 on March 15. Notes: food scoops stored under towel dispenser beside hand sink. Hand sinks unclean in kitchen. Equipment and lower self under prep tables unclean. Several foods not covered in walk-in cooler. Foods stored in non-food grade in walk in freezer bags.

— Taco Bell – 98 on March 13. Notes: too much of a gap under back door.

— Penn Station – 96 on March 8.

Notes: Hair restraint required. Dumpster lids open. Debris on ground.

— Little Caesers – 98 on March 8.

Notes: Brooms should be up off the floor when not in use.

— Pizza Hut – 95 on March 8.

Notes: No paper towels at hand sink. Brooms should be stored up off the ground when not in use. AS Unite dusty along with back wall in need of cleaning.

— Wilmore Daycare Center – 100 on March 8.

— Wesley Village – 98 on March 8. Notes: Interior of ice machine unclean in Hahn Manor. Coffee stirs not dispensed properly in Encore Kitchen.

— Thompson-Hood Veterans Center – 100 on March 8.

— Kids Connection Learning Center – 100 on March 7.

— Childcare Network – 99 on March 7. Notes: Unlabeled foods in refrigerator. Discussed.

Food managers April 11.

— Dominos – 96 on March 5. Notes: Cleaning Equipment (brooms/mops) should be stores properly. Outer opening not covered at side door.

— A Child’s Place – 92 on March 15. Notes: No chlorine test strips available. Door handles unclean on refrigerators. Floor unclean around perimeter of equipment. Raw ground beef stored about ready-treat for in refrigerator. Food handlers not wearing hair restraints. Must utilize a bucket with bleach solution of 100-200 ppm or commercially prepares spray bottle sanitizer solution to sanitize equipment surfaces. Must keep head of spray nozzle above rim of three compartment sink. Should consider replacing sink facet so water can be ran from faucet instead of spray nozzle.

— Better Early learning – 99 on March 15. Notes: Interior of cabinets unclean, also microwave and refrigerator.

— Save a lot – 90 on March 14. Notes: Brooms should be hung up when not in use. Laundered meat coats should not be touching floor when hung up. Excessive ice condensate in walk-in freezer. Ham on shelf past sell by date. Debris and food products under shelves on floor in need of more frequent cleaning. Some ceiling tiles water stained. 94 on follow up. Notes; Ham on shelf past sell by date removed during inspection.

— European Food Mart– 100 on March 15. Notes: no violations found. Call 885-2310 Lisa to discuss floor.

Speedway – 99 on March 15. Notes: Vents dusty inside walk-in drink refrigerator.

McDonalds – 98 on March 15. Notes: Floor unclean behind ice cream machine. Mildew on interior of ice machine. Ice chute dispenser at drive-thru unclean. Cup and cone holders unclean on ice cream machine.

Daily Donuts – 98 on March 15. Notes: Personal drinks must be stored away from below perp surfaces.

KFC – 95 on March 13. Notes: Ice scoop should be stores away from plastic bags and sauces (corrects during inspection). Floor dirty under buffet bar. Remove ince accommodation from walk-in freezer floor. Dumpster door open.. for food handler instructions.