Hiking near Jessamine County

Published 4:31 pm Friday, April 13, 2018

People are constantly told to do things that are healthy for them, and one thing that keeps being repeated, besides giving up deep fried everything, is that we should go for a walk. That doesn’t sound as appealing as it probably should. Walking around the same places you see every day doesn’t get the heart racing does it?

So, to you, I would suggest my newest hobby. Hiking. The only reason I bring it up is because in Kentucky and Jessamine County, we are lucky to have a variety of locations near our homes with many kinds of hiking experiences to offer.

Want to go for a slow walk through the woods that last about an hour? Chances are there’s a patch of forest within a reasonable distance from your home that has been set aside just for people to enjoy. Feeling adventurous? Drive down to Red River Gorge and explore. But please, mind the cliffs.

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I can’t say why hiking appeals to so many people compared to walking around your neighborhood. It might be the unconscious desire we have to explore and make our own path. It might not be the same thing, but when you’re pushing your way through trees to see what’s over the next hill, you can find your own spark of Daniel Boone that led to Kentucky being settled all those years ago.

So where to start? It’s easy enough to use your phone to find a nice trail near you, but here are a few I can recommend.

Jessamine Creek Gorge is a great place to start for beginners. It’s a relatively flat trail that should only take about an hour to walk and isn’t too far a drive for anyone living in Jessamine County.

Looking for more of a challenge now that you’ve started? Red River Gorge is a popular location for more experienced hikers that want something with a little more height. It’s more established with a wider selection of trails that are open 24/7.

The final place I’d recommend on this short list is a bit more of a drive. Take a trip that usually clocks in at about 3 hours and you’ll reach the beautiful Pine Mountain Lodge.

The last time I visited the lodge I saw that the governor of Kentucky was hosting a lunch there, so you know it’s a nice place.

Host to at least a dozen trails of varying difficulty and cabins to stay in, Pine Mountain is a place I’d recommend for anyone passionate for hiking.

Hopefully I picqued your interest and pushed some people to try something new. It’s easy to get stuck in the same routines day after day, so I’d encourage you to take some time to get out there and see what appeals to you. Be it hiking, or any other hobby that connects you to the world around you. Jessamine County is a wonderful place to find your next frontier.