Lots of ‘interesting’ things in world today

Published 9:28 am Thursday, April 5, 2018

Thank you for such a good article from The Journal.  A society gone with the wind was great.

I especially noted the quote about welcome to the new America. We don’t stand for anything because we don’t want to offend you.

It is interesting to me that homosexuals are offended by Christians because we believe the Bible to be true about their activities and goes against the Biblical truth that such a lifestyle leads to an immoral and decaying society. (Like the Roman society).

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Interesting that well meaning people believe that an inanimate object like a gun or car is the cause of people doing bad things.  And they are offended that I have a gun, because I might hurt them.  Yet, if a person kills by drinking or drugs and driving a car, no one wants to eliminate cars from society.

Interesting how easy it is to get on the band wagon about pushing for “reform” without investigating the truth of the issue and only acting on emotions and fanning the flame of protest with ignorance and hate for what they don’t understand because they are afraid of it.  Wouldn’t it be interesting if one or more of the late-night show people were to actually go to a NRA meeting and meet the folks they joke about and make fun of.

Interesting that Michael Bloomburg for instance, wants to tell us we should ban guns from everywhere including our homes for self protection, yet, every time he goes to make an appearance, he has armed guards protecting him.

Interesting that President Trump has been elected into the most difficult position office on earth, yet has been criticized for every step he makes whether good or bad.  Forget his past character, we all have a past and we need to put it behind us and move toward a better ending for all our lives.

Interesting that a School Resource Officer in Maryland prevented a catastrophic killing in his school buy using a gun to stop carnage, yet, there has been little to recognize his heroic actions.  Also, it should be noted that fellow veterans are more than willing to give protection to our kids at school or church or anywhere, yet there are people who are offended that adults in schools could have a gun to stop another mass killing.

Please note what didn’t stop Austin Wyatt Rollins: Maryland’s assault weapons ban, Maryland’s 10 round magazine ban, Maryland’s universal background check requirements, Maryland’s law requiring an exhaustive application process to obtain a permit to perchance a handgun, Maryland’s law requiring  handgun registration, Maryland’s law requiring licensing of handgun owners, Maryland’s refusal to honor concealed carry permits from another state, Federal law prohibiting handgun purchases for people under 21, Gun free zones. Laws don’t stop crime, people do.

Lastly, “We The People” includes us all and I hold all the Constitution and its Amendments dear. And I am proud of our children making a stand for what they believe in; even if I don’t agree with them. 

I also pray that our leaders will lead with common sense, not just making laws to get re-elected.

Deo Young