Drug rehab facility for women opens

Published 12:57 pm Thursday, March 22, 2018

By Glenn McGlothlin


From a national, state and local level, communities have been heavily affected by drug addiction.

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But Stepworks, a behavioral health organization in Kentucky, has taken steps to remedy that issue by opening a location in Nicholasville.

Andrew Ingram, chief operating officer of Stepworks, oversees the five locations throughout the state. The Nicholasville location opened two weeks ago.

Ingram said addictions are turning into an epidemic and affect the entire community.

“It’s insidious and is growing rapidly each year,” Ingram said. “Recovery centers like Stepworks are pivotal, not only by helping treat those with addictions, but by helping the community engage in the treatment process.”

Stepworks provides a residential location where people recovering from drug addictions can live for 30 days. The organization has more than 100 beds spread out across Kentucky, Ingram said.

In addition to the Nicholasville location, Stepworks has one facility in London, two in Elizabethtown and one in Bowling Green.

Ingram said the Nicholasville facility, located at 151 Coconut Grove Drive, is the first Stepworks facility to be gender specific. The location serves women and pregnant women in the first and second trimester who are recovering from drug addictions.

Addictions to opiates, alcohol and benzodiazepines are all treated at Stepworks, Ingram said.

Stepworks offers a variety of services including family therapy, group therapy and education concerning addiction. Ingram said they also offer in-patient detoxification for those living on location.

Ingram said the different offerings help because every client’s situation is unique.

“Addiction is a horrible disease that impacts every aspect of an individual’s life,” Ingram said. “We believe in strongly individualized treatment. All clients come with their own stories, circumstances and belief systems. It’s our job to structure treatment in a way that fits their needs and not in a ‘one size fits all’ mentality.”

Stepworks began in 2003 as a 16-bed residential center in Elizabethtown but closed in 2013 when it was sold to a company called Recovery Works.

Ingram said Stepworks reopened in 2015 in London and since then in the other cities.

Ingram said the whole process of recovery is a partnership between the community and centers like Stepworks.

“Our clients have the best opportunity for success when the communities in which they return are ready to embrace them back into society,” Ingram said.

For more information please visit www.stepworks.com or call 800-545-9031.