The food of Jessamine County

Published 3:34 pm Thursday, March 8, 2018


iving in Jessa-mine County my whole life I’ve noticed something. People don’t really consider this county to be a particularly great place to find good food. At least that seems to be the opinion of anyone who hasn’t lived here.

Lots of people look to the towers of Lexington to find somewhere interesting to go out to dinner.

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The cities of Wilmore and Nicholasville seem small in comparison, so it may not hold a lot of potential. But if there’s one thing most people here in Jessamine County have in common, it’s that we all have our favorite place to eat, and odds are it’s not that far from home.

I’m part of a church group with lots of international students, and one thing I’m asked fairly often as a local is where are some great places to eat? And I always point to our county with lots of great suggestions.

It might be the varied selection of Hispanic cuisine from the streets of Nicholasville with restaurants such as “Los Dos Amigos”, the popular “Fiesta Mexico” on main, or “El Potrillo”. We’re spoiled for choice and I think everyone has a favorite of the three.

If you’re looking for something more home style you can try the “Daisy Cottage” in Nicholasville on Main Street. I’ve been going past there ever since I was a kid, and it’s amazing to see it is still in business.

Another choice on the same street is the cafe J’s Place. I admit it took me some time to try it, but everyone I talked to couldn’t recommend it enough and the friendly cafe certainly deserves some attention.

You can also enjoy the tastes in peaceful Wilmore with local favorites like the cozy “Solomon’s Porch” that most Asbury students enjoy. Or you can walk down that same road to get some nostalgia at the old style “Sims Pharmacy” with classic pizza and creamy milkshakes they make right behind the counter.

For people in Wilmore it’s all within walking distance. Though don’t let that discourage anyone out of the area from making the drive to try something new.

Big chain restaurants might do the job when you’re hungry and impatient, but don’t hesitate to try something new that isn’t that far from home. Great food doesn’t require a long drive and an empty wallet.

Every month I try to find somewhere new to eat, and I’ve managed to do this for the last year without leaving Jessamine County for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

We in Jessamine County have so many original places to eat our fill. It could be any one of these listed above and chances are you know about somewhere amazing I need to try next.

So I say we should be proud of the food we have here. Next time someone asks for a recommendation around Jessamine County, send them to your favorite restaurant.

You might help them find their own “favorite” after all.

Timothy Buckler is a lifestyle columnist for the Jessamine Journal.