Restaurant Inspections

Published 11:08 am Thursday, February 15, 2018

The following restaurants were inspected by the Jessamine County Health Department.

CVS – 100 on Jan. 1. Notes: No violations found.

Butcher’s Pride – 100 on Jan. 31. Notes: OK.

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The Potter’s Inn – 98 on Jan. 24. Notes: Store the broom up off the floor, hang on a hook.

Dollar General – 95 on Jan. 31. Notes: Dairy products out of date. Canned goods in clearance aisle of out date. Floors behind equipment dirty. – 99 on follow up. Notes: Dairy products and canned goods corrected. Floors behind and under dirty.

Sonny’s BBQ – 98 on Jan. 29. Notes: Microwave interior not in good repair. Microwave in need of cleaning. Wall in need of cleaning in smoker room.

Bruster’s – 99 on Jan. 29. Notes: Cracked pitchers should be removed.

La Chiquita – 96 on Jan. 29 Notes: Restroom needs a trash can with a lid. Very fine refrigerator not keeping food below 41 degrees.

High Bridge – 100 on Jan. 26. Notes; The cold weather froze the pipe behind toilet and it busted. Leak has been repaired and cleaned up. Finish repairing wall behind toilet.

Double Kwik – 78 on Jan. 25. Notes: Floor unclean under equipment in  kitchen and storage room. Onions and potatoes stored on floor. Mechanical dish wash machine not sanitizing dishes. Cup with no handle used as food scoop. Exterior of salt, sugar,bean containers unclean. Ice bags not labeled with store name and address. Toilet, sink and floor unclean in employee restroom. Produce storage containers unclean in walk in cooler. Brooms on floor when not in use. Water leak behind washing machine. Employee drinking from open top cup in food area. Grease on sides and below grill and fryer. Dumpster lid open and litter on ground next to dumpster. 87 on follow up. Notes: Employee drink removed. New bucket of sanitizer installed and dish wash working properly.

McDonalds – 97 on Jan. 25. Notes: Interior and exterior of equipment unclean.  Floor unclean and wet under beverage machine at Drive-thru. Ice scoop holder unclean at Drive-thru. Inside of McKafee cooler unclean. Interior of cabinet under ice cream machine unclean. Lights out in walk in freezer.

New Ichiban Buffet – 94 on Jan. 25. Notes: Prep-cooler unclean inside. Grease on sides of fryer and grill. Floor unclean under grill and fryer and wok. Foods stored improperly in walk in cooler. Keep produce on top shelves then seafood, beef, pork and chicken. Bowls with no handles used as scoop in food ingredient containers. Note: Cold bar and sushi bar – keep ice level full under pans to maintain temperatures of 41 degrees or less for food. May consider using time as a control measure for bacteria. Must have written produce on file in establishment.

Sweet Drip Coffee House – 97 on Jan. 22. Notes: Area behind coffee is stained. Must be a cleanable surface. Raw wood around hand sink. Refrigerator duty unsafe. Stow wiping cloth in sanitary solution. Needs placed.

Type A Catering – 100 on Jan 24. Notes: No food prep at time of inspection.

Red Bud Bed and Breakfast – 100 on Jan. 22. Notes: Good job.

Burger King – 99 on Jan. 22. Notes: Ceiling vents and tiles in need of dusting.

Waffle House – 97 on Jan. 23. Notes: Ice scoop handle touching ice. Keep the ice scoop outside of ice container. Bottom shelf of Delfield refrigerator cracked and in poor repair. Ceiling of walk in freezer peeling.

Big City Pizza – 97 on Jan. 18. Notes: Food Manager certification needed for new manager. Next class is Tuesday Jan. 23 afternoon. Call 885-2310 to register. Keep coats out of the kitchen. Walk in cooler door, handle, and gasket in need of cleaning.

Zaxbys – 99 on Jan. 19. Notes: Seasoning salt scope and wire cup stored in an area with too much traffic. Store in a different container that can be washed rinsed, and sanitized. Food handler certifications needed. Online course: Food manager certification needed for managers. Call 885-2310 for next class date.

Five Star – 93 food kitchen and 98 retail on Jan. 19. Notes: Inside top of microwave unclean. Floor under bib shelves in need of cleaning. Label the sugar, flour and mashed potatoes. Scoops should not be stored inside sugar or flour containers. Dumpster side door must be closed. Note: Work on moving eggs to a separate location or below ready-to-eat food. All staff who work with food need a food handler certification per Jessamine Co. Ordinance. Food manager certification is required for kitchen leaders. 885-2310 Health Department. Next class Tuesday Jan. 23.

Thoroughbred Golf – 94 on Jan. 11. Notes: Thermometer needed in fridge. Straws must be wrapped or dispensed individually. Leak in a comp sink – This could lead to septic system failure. Soap needed at bar sink. Paper towels needed at kitchen hand sink. Self closing, restroom doors needed.

Copper River – 96 on Jan. 18. Notes: Interior of coolers unclean. No towels in employee restroom. Food debris under equipment in prep/cooking area. Faucets unclean on bar sinks.

Gourmet Goodies – 97 on Jan. 18. Notes: Interior of refrigerator unclean – food debris on bottom shelf and liquid spill on door storage. Potatoes on floor in prep room.

Frisch’s Big Boy – 99 on Jan. 18. Notes: Interior and exterior of equipment unclean – microwaves, floor in walk-in freezer; shelves on prep tables, fryers, door handles.

Joe’s Food Mart – 99 on Jan. 18. Notes: heat lamps (3) out in food warmer. Floor unclean below food warmer. Wall behind chicken breading area unclean. Shelf on chicken breading prep table unclean. Cabinet shelves unclean in beverage machine area. Top of beverage machines unclean. Front of coffee creamer machine unclean. Floor unclean in storage area. Interior of cooler unclean in storage area. Thermometer not located in small freezer and sandwich cooler. Shelves and food items susty in retail area.

Fazoli’s – 90 on Jan. 4. Notes: Kitchen handsink faucet corroded and leaking; sink also leaking at drain pipe and hot water runs out cold side randomly for unknown reason. Ice scoop handle in contact with ice in ice machine. Thermometer broken in chicken prep cooler and thermometer not located in pasta cooler. Cabinet shelf at utensil station unclean. HVAC vents and ducts dusty in dining area; ceiling rafters dusty in dining area; HVAC filter vents dusty. Sandwich prep cooler temp above 41oF – food moved to other coolers – monitor prep cooler temp to determine if temp is elevated due to mechanical issue or because top lid is being left open too long.

Hardee’s – 100 on Jan. 4. Notes: No violations found.

Sam’s Club – 98 on Jan. 4. Notes: Thermometer broken in prep cooler in HMS area. Employee restroom out of order – toilet not flushing properly; handsink clogged at cake decorating station.