Letter to the Editor

Published 11:01 am Thursday, February 15, 2018

Common sense can go long way toward saving money for our school system

Sometimes things just don’t add up!

I’ve often wondered why our schools aren’t teaching common sense life skills in the classroom. Take math for example.

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It seems to me that learning to balance a checkbook or do taxes would be a useful thing to know before someone graduates high school.

Then, last week something happened that made me realize how little common sense is actually practiced by our own school system. I received a first class letter in the mail informing me that my middle school student was 15 cents overdrawn in their lunch account!

I don’t know exactly how many letters like this go out weekly but surely Jessamine County Schools could have saved that excess postage by sending me an email or calling me. They do have my contact information.

And I’m certain that money could have been put towards something useful like buying pencils or glue for the classroom or maybe, and this is just a suggestion, helping more kids pay for their lunch!

L. Henry Dowell

Jessamine County