East Jessamine Middle celebrates Unity Week

Published 10:46 am Thursday, February 15, 2018

Photo submitted

East Jessamine Middle School is currently celebrating Unity Week , where each day this week the school made a focus which centers around each letter of the word ‘unity.’ On Monday students discussed ‘U’ standing for ‘unity’ where students at the school discussed the meaning of unity for the school and with one another. On Tuesday, students discussed ‘N’ standing for ‘neighbor’ where students wrote kind words across the top of a banner to send to their neighbors such as West Jessamine High School. On Wednesday students discussed ‘I’ standing for ‘I love you’ where they were greeted with up uplifting messages at their lockers. Thursday students discussed ‘T’ standing for together ‘together’ where students received kind notes from the adults at EJMS. Friday students ended the week with ‘Y’ standing for ‘you matter’ where students reflected on their personal significance.

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