Service Among Ministries

Published 9:30 am Thursday, February 8, 2018

Lord’s Legacy Ministries sets out to help Adventure Serve

By Evan Cook

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Two faith-based organizations are coming together to make a positive impact on the community.

The Lord’s Legacy Life Ministries has offered to provide service to the Adventure Serve Ministries, another non-profit organization who is working hard on renovating their campgrounds.

Lord’s Legacy Life Ministries of Brannon Crossing is a Christian non-profit organization designed to provide physically, intellectually and developmentally disabled community members opportunities of independence, freedom of choice, the right to exercise faith and community inclusion.

“LLM strives to achieve two main goals when supporting an individual: To be Christ-centered, and to be person-centered,” said Christine Endicott, the community relations director of Lord’s Legacy.

They offer various services including their five residential houses providing 24 hour care to their residents.

Each year, administrative staff sets out together to preform an act of service in the community outside of their ministry, and this year, they are working with Adventure Serve.

“Service is extremely important to us,” said Megann Lilley, executive assistant at LLM. “We feel very strongly about representing Jesus not only within the walls and structure of LLM, but representing Him well in the community.”

Adventure Serve Ministries is a non-profit organization based in Wilmore that works to serve the local community and provide Christian wilderness and mission experiences to church groups.

Their campgrounds, located in Wilmore, is currently undergoing renovations on their buildings, and attempting to make it a more hospitable place to serve the community.

Staining, sanding, painting, cleaning, raking and removing carpet are only some of the things that Lord’s Legacy will be doing to assist Adventure Serve in their renovations.

“We would be doing our community a disservice if we kept our hearts and efforts only within LLM,” Lilley said. “We are very passionate about living what we say and are excited for future opportunities to bring light to our world.”

Lord’s Legacy provides volunteer opportunities. Those who are interested in volunteering with their program can go to to see their upcoming events and fill out information to become a volunteer. Or visit for more information on serving with Adventure Serve.