New website offering real-time assistance in fight against addiction

Published 9:07 am Thursday, February 8, 2018

A new website provides Kentuckians with the ability to search for the best readily-available option for substance abuse and treatment.

The real-time treatment locator, available on at,  is designed to help those who are seeking treatment either for themselves, a loved one or even a patient. The site offers the ability to go online and see available space in substance use disorder treatment programs nearby.

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The real-time treatment locator guides users to the right type of programs to meet their needs and has been shared with agencies in Jessamine County through the Jessamine County Health Department who encourages providers to put a link to the locater on all their websites and social media outlets.

“Substance misuse disorders can impact everyone and therefore, this link should be utilized by any and all who feel they can reach out to someone in need,” said Randy Gooch Public Health Director for Jessamine County Health Department. “Kentucky is one of a select few states that have taken the initiative to pilot a program like this. This resource will link individuals interested in treatment options immediately, therefore eliminating any barriers to treatment.This resource will allow people who are interested, an opportunity to get immediate assistance.”  

The program is designed to also take into consideration the substances being used as well as payment options including both commercial and public insurance. Gender identity, preference of in-and-out patient treatment, or co-occurring treatments such as mental health care are also attributing factors to what facility a patient might be matched with.

“The best way I can describe it is similar to an Expedia or another third party group that allows you to see which treatment centers have beds and/or space available today,” said Health Educator Shana Peterson from the Jessamine County Health Department. “What used to occur is a person seeking treatment would have to call around to different treatment centers and find out if beds were available. They then might be given a time frame of two weeks from now, which for someone seeking treatment, that is very discouraging and they may lose interest. This site allows them to find a center that has space available at the very moment they are interested in entering.”

Providing daily availability information for treatment openings, the design was intended to enable rapid admissions to substance abuse programs.

“Kentucky is stepping up, ready to lead the nation as we address the opioid problem that plagues so many,” Governor Matt Bevin said in a prepared statement. “We must all work together to solve this crisis.”

In fact, high schools across the state are being challenged to produce a campaign promoting “Find Help Now KY” within the “Don’t Let Them Die” website. The purpose is to raise teenage awareness of the risk of using drugs.

Superintendent of Jessamine County Schools Matt Moore said student well-being is the highest priority in Jessamine County. The district welcomes any opportunity to educate students on the risks of misusing prescribed medications or illegal substances.

“We work collaboratively with the Jessamine County Safe Communities Coalition and their numerous partners to focus on prevention strategies, including education,” Moore said.

“Students participating in this type of campaign will become more aware of the consequences of their own decisions and also be equipped to recognize and respond to others who might be in need of treatment and support to overcome a substance misuse problem. Students will not only learn valuable life skills, they will also benefit from the creative process, honing communication and artistic skills as well, while providing service to our community.”

Gooch said the Teal-Time Treatment Locator will help families who right now may have to search for days to find care immediate access to facilities where they can receive treatment. He said with such a high demand, this new tool will help those in need tremendously.

“We’ve all heard the old adage “strike while the iron is hot” and there is normally a short window for people to get connected with help when they decide it’s time,” Gooch said.

“I believe the “Find Help Now KY” treatment locator will provide instant access to individuals, families, and agencies looking for treatment services. There is such a large demand for these services with limited resources, I’ve been told many families search for days and weeks trying to get a loved one the help they need. This tool should help tremendously in limiting the amount of time for locating the treatment type needed based on factors like location, sex, payment ability etc. because the treatment providers are constantly updating their availability. I applaud the work the Governor’s Office, the KY Office of Drug Control Policy and the Kentucky Injury and Prevention Research Center who have done the work to make this asset available. I have no doubt this tool will help save lives.”

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