Emmavere marks success with ribbon-cutting event

Published 9:13 am Thursday, February 8, 2018

Massage spa expands business in first six months due to success in Jessamine County

Emmavere Massage Spa opened in August and celebrated its successful first six months in business with a ribbon cutting last week.

Because of the strong start, the business has hired more staff and expanded its facilities to keep up with the growth. 

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Open from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday at 213 S. Main St., Emmavere offers a variety of massages to fit its customer’s needs and was established in order to offer residents the chance to get their bodies feeling their best.

“We are here to help you get your body back to where you want it to be physically so that you feel better,” owner Stephanie Moock said. “That is our main goal and that was always my main goal when I wanted to bring massage to our wonderful community we have here. I have been fortunate to be a part of people going from wheelchair-bound to walking again and that is such an exhilarating, amazing thing to be able to share with the people here in our community.”

Moock said she grew up a “military brat,” moving around a lot before she happened to settle in Jessamine County. After transitioning out of school, Moock said Jessamine County was the first place she began to settle that felt like home.

“When I moved here I was transitioning from going to school and figuring out what I wanted to do,” Moock said. “It was the first real place I came where I started making some genuine friendships and started meeting real people. I had always lived in bigger cities and it was such a small little community. At first, I was so overwhelmed because people want to touch you and hold your hand and then it became so beautiful and so loving. I have children here and I want to raise them here.”

Moock said, after opening her business in August, she joined the Chamber of Commerce in September after falling in love with the community in Jessamine County. She said having a personal friendship with Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Ronda May, who helped her out when she first moved to the county, Moock would do anything May asked her to do.

“Stephanie has been a massage therapist for some time in and around Jessamine County,” May said. “It is great that she brought it back to Nicholasville. She was in Wilmore before. We are happy to have her back. She is fabulous. She does more than just massages, she does facials and a variety of different things.”

Moock said services at Emmavere Massage Spa range in price from $45 to $255, and include different relaxation to deep tissue massage, hot stone, massage facials, body massage and body wrap. The goal for the future is to ensure a strong foundation for Emmavere to build on.

“We are growing so fast right now we are just trying to make sure that we can implement a strong foundation and work on that,” Moock said. “It is working very beautifully. We have such great clients that come here. We have such a great staff and everyone works together to make sure that it is all run the way that it needs to be run. We just expanded and built a whole new side and from that got so many new clients that we are going to build more areas soon as well.”

For more information or to make an appointment, visit www.EmmavereMassageSpa.com