Restaurant Inspections

Published 10:59 am Thursday, January 18, 2018

The following restaurant’s were inspected by the Jessamine County Health Department:

Cartown Kia — 98 on Nov. 22. Notes: Accurate thermometer needed in refrigerator where hot dogs are kept to show that temperature is 41 degrees or cooler. Food handler certification needed for any staff who cooks and serves food.

The Sweet Shoppe — 94 on Nov. 21. Notes: Toilet seat broken. Hang brooms or turn upside down. Defrost freezer, Light out in refrigerator. Label flour. Scoop should be stored with handle up or not in the containers of flour.

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Jessamine Early Learning Village — 96 on Nov. 25.  Notes: Dishwasher sanitation does not work consistently. Also, there is no way to prime sanitizer on machine when it is needed. Must use disposable dishes and /or wash rinse sanitizer in 3-comp until dishwasher sanitizes consistently. Will fallow up after first of the year.

Taqueria Garcia — 93 on Dec. 14. Notes: No soap or towels at kitchen hand sink. Faucet loose on kitchen hand sink. Slicer unclean from previous use. Coolers unclean on interior. Shelf under prep table unclean. Cell phones on slicer food contact area. Hole in wall near storage of pots and pans etc. Shelves in storage room unclean. Floor unclean in storage room and around equipment and baseboards. Freezer used for ice storage needs to be defrosted and cleaned. Wall in poor condition above three compartment sinks.

Subway — 99 on Dec. 14. Notes: Floor in poor condition in a few places in kitchen.

Diversicare of Nicholasville — 97 on Dec. 14. Notes: Cabinets, doors and shelves unclean. Personal coats, purses stored with food relates items in storage room.

BHP Bistro — 98 on Dec. 7. Notes: Hang paper towels.

Mommas Last Chance Saloon — 99 on Dec. 5. Notes: End of hot dog rollers dirty.

Subway Springdale — 99 on Dec. 4. Notes: Cloths must be stored in sanitizer solution.