County unemployment ranks among lowest

Published 10:20 am Thursday, January 18, 2018

Between November 2016 and 2017, state officials said unemployment rates dropped in 72 of Kentucky’s counties. Jessamine County was amongst the lowest at 3.2 percent.

“Low unemployment is always a goal in the free enterprise system,” said Wilmore Mayor Harold Rainwater said. “We are blessed in Jessamine County to have a strong business base and institutions in Wilmore like Asbury University, ATS, Veterans Center and Wesley Village are doing well and providing  over 1,000 jobs.”

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Rainwater said there are also several small one-to-five employee businesses doing well in the community.

“Developing new businesses is important, but taking care of and shopping local is more important,” Rainwater said.

Woodford County had the lowest unemployment rate reported at 2.7 percent. Oldham County was next lowest at 3 percent, followed by Campbell, Fayette, and Monroe counties at 3.1 percent each. Scott and Shelby counties had the same statistics as Jessamine County with 3.2 percent.

“We are fortunate to be geographically located to where we not only have plentiful jobs in Jessamine County but in the adjacent counties,” Judge-Executive David West said. “We hope one day to expand our base of manufacturing and business so that we can drive that even lower and have people driving into us to work.”

The state’s highest unemployment rate was in Magoffin County with a rate of 12.7 percent. Next was Elliot County at 8.2 percent, with Harlon Leslie and Lewis counties coming in after Elliot with 7.7 percent. Cater County reported a 7.6 percent jobless rate, with Lawrence county reporting 7.2 percent and Letcher County reporting 7.1 percent.

Rainwater again expresses that to help the jobless rate in Jessamine County he feels it is important to continue to shop local.

“Rising tides floats all ships and we need to always shop local if possible,” Rainwater said. “Taking care of business is good business.”