Planning commission gets zoning change correct

Published 9:44 am Thursday, January 11, 2018

Times are changing in Jessamine County and for the better.

Last month, I attended the third hearing for a zone change next to my farm that clearly violated the comprehensive plan.

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Instead of allowing five acres per home or at least a cluster development that leaves part of the farm in green space, this zone buster would have put many houses on acre lots and set a precedent for urban sprawl throughout the county.

Fortunately, most of the planning commission members realized how awful the plan was, but two members from Wilmore were all for the zone change. One puffed up his chest and proclaimed that Wilmore owns US 68, to which I replied that I own the northern half as my property line is in the middle of the road.

He then made the motion the zone change be accepted, even before the commission discussed it. My question is why are Wilmore people allowed to be on this planning body? We’ve already witnessed the mess they created when the state tried to improve the Y intersection in 1991.

The plan was fully funded by state and federal money. But somehow Wilmore officials got it all tangled up into another awful housing development idea until the state finally cancelled the entire project.

Twenty-seven years later the intersection is still a mess and the state no longer has the money to fix it.

If Wilmore leaders want to live in urban sprawl I suggest they move to Los Angeles or Atlanta, just stay out of county business.

George Kopser