Restaurant Inspections

Published 9:31 am Thursday, December 14, 2017

The following restaurant’s were inspected by the Jessamine County Health Department:

Circle K – 97 on Oct. 27. Notes: The following needs cleaning: microwave, prep-area (back), display freezer. Floors dirty especially in back fountain area. Walls in back in poor repair. Coving missing.

Bob Evans – 96 on Nov. 1. Notes: Equipment and shelves dirty exterior and interior. Debris and build up in dumpster area and grease container lid open on side. Floors dirty behind and under equipment.

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Red Robin – 95 on Nov. 1. Notes: Ice scoop stored touching dirty wall. Grate under ice machine dirty. Cooler (lowboy) on front line dirty and others as needed. Dumpster area has debris and rubbish. Straws must be wrapped individually.

La Casa De Jose – 88 on Nov. 2 and 93 on follow up. Notes: Grease on walls next to ovens and fryer. Sanitizer level below 50 ppm in wiping cloth bucket. Foods uncovered in prep-cooler. Shelves under prep-tables unclean. Interior of prep-cooler unclean. Shredded cheese handled with bare hands. No sanitizer test strips. Notes on follow up: Discussed proper handling of ready-to-eat foods and no bare hand contact.

Dollar General, located at 113 South Lexington Avenue – 97 on Nov. 2. Notes: Shelves unclean in milk cooler. Potato chip shelves unclean. A few lights out in retail area and storage room. Floor unclean or stained throughout store.

Fat Jacks – 100 on Nov. 2. Notes: No violations found.

Solomon’s Porch – 90 on Nov. 2 and 94 on follow up. Notes: Kitchen hand sink not accessible. Cloth rag on faucet due to leak. Folding table used as prep-surface in poor condition. Toilet unclean in men’s restroom. Shelves unclean in display case. Coffee bean grinder and espresso machine unclean. Floor unclean in front area coffee – front counter. Notes on follow up: items removed from kitchen hand sink to make it accessible.

Subway – 96 on Nov. 2. Notes: Leak under three compartment sinks. Broom should be hung when not in use. Floor under ice machine unclean.

Warner Elementary – 100 on Nov. 8. Notes: No violations found.

Walmart– 95 on Nov. 2. Notes: Ice condensation in some freezers. Floors unclean under shelves, especially in the baking section. Brooms should be hung when not in use on a hanger that can hold them.

Circle K – 93 on Nov. 9 and 97 on follow up. Notes: Equipment cabinet shelves unclean at hot dog and beverage station. Light out in food storage room. Ants on drip tray under creamer dispenser. Rodent droppings on food boxes and floor in storage room. Floor unclean in storage room. Nozzles on fountain drink machine unclean. Retail shelves dusty. Follow up notes on Nov. 16: Ant and rodent droppings remediated.

A & W/Long John Silver – 100 on Nov. 9. Notes: No violations found.

Sonic, located at 100 Village Parkway – 95 on Nov. 9. Notes: Ceiling tiles in poor condition. Water pooled on floor under beverage machine and ice maker. Prep cooler and freezer unclean inside. Grease on floor under fryers. Can opener gear, blade and sleeve unclean. Foods uncovered in cooler and freezers. Exterior of onion ring batter containers unclean. Floor unclean under and behind equipment.

Heartland Academy – 100 on Nov. 9. Notes: No violations found.

Depot Street Pizza – 98 on Nov. 9. Notes: Floor in poor condition in dining area and entrance to restrooms. Floor unclean in storage room. Walls not painted or stained to seal from moisture in storage room and entrance to restroom.

Captain D’s – 89 on Nov. 16 and 94 on follow up. Notes: Raw fish and shrimp in prep-cooler at 64 degrees. Prep-cooler not maintaining food temperature of 41 degrees or less. Door handles in poor condition on two freezers. Interior and exterior equipment unclean. Multiple food uncovered in prep-coolers and freezers, can opener gear and sleeve unclean. Follow up notes on Nov. 27: Raw fish and shrimp in prep-cooler corrected.

Valley View Catering – 97 on Nov. 16. Notes: Mixers and sinks in need of cleaning. Floor in need of cleaning. Ceiling tiles water stained. Food manager certification needed.

Hiccup Cafe – 98 on Nov. 27. Notes: Green tea powder container cracked. Scoops should be stored outside of container not in mixers.

Dollar General, located at 956 Orchard Center – 84 on Nov. 16. Notes: Lower shelf and door unclean in milk cooler. Thermometers not visible in coolers and freezers. Floor unclean throughout store and storage room. Bottom shelf unclean where chips are stored. Shelves unclean in other food storage areas and non food areas. Chemical and toxic items stored mixed with food and medicine related items on bargain shelves. Mop stored in mop bucket in dirty water. Restroom sink and floor unclean. No towels in restroom. Several food cans with severe dents on shelves.

Red Oak Elementary – 100 on Nov. 27. Notes: No violations found.

Wilmore Elementary – 100 on Nov. 27. Notes: No violations found.

Sonic, located at 120 Bellerive Boulevard – 97 on Nov. 29. Notes: Appliances dirty. Floors dirty, ceiling dirty. Notes on follow up: Appliances, floor, walls and ceiling have been cleaned. Flies have been evicted and are not an issue.