Kentucky first to offer license plates for Alzheimer’s Association

Published 2:11 pm Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Specialty license plates supporting the Alzheimer’s Association are now available in Kentucky. Kentucky is the first state in the country to have this specialty license plate for Alzheimer’s awareness and education. Having these plates will raise awareness of the disease, which will become more prevalent as Kentucky’s population ages. Nearly 70,000 people in Kentucky right now have Alzheimer’s disease and that number is only growing.

“The Alzheimer’s specialty plate has been a dream of ours for years,” said DeeAnna Esslinger, Executive Director of the Greater Kentucky and Southern Indiana chapter. “Not only will the plates be a very visible reminder of those suffering with Alzheimer’s, but their sale will also help raise funds for local education initiatives.”

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The Alzheimer’s Kentucky specialty license plate features a “forget-me-not” flower on a purple background with the words: “Honor. Remember. Care. End Alzheimer’s.”

“This awareness will shine an even brighter light on the impact of this disease for affected individuals and families, as well as the vital need to find effective prevention, treatment and cure,” said Bari Lewis, Director of Community Outreach for the Association.

Drivers will now be able to select the plate whenever renewing tags at any county clerk office. These specialty plates are available for an additional fee, and those who select the plate will also have the option of including a $10 donation that will fund Alzheimer’s awareness and education activities in Kentucky.

If you pre-registered for this specialty End Alzheimer’s plate, you can pick yours up from the county clerk’s office beginning on Nov. 20.

For information on getting this specialty plate go to