Planning, zoning woes continue on

Published 4:39 pm Friday, November 10, 2017

By George Kopser

Jessamine County

It happened again! Would-be developers of a proposed high density subdivision on Harrodsburg Road, which is in direct conflict with the county’s Comprehensive Plan, failed to show up at the Oct. 10 scheduled hearing. Obviously, they detected strong opposition from the adjacent property owners who were present at the hearing.

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A representative who attended on their behalf stated they were unable to be there as they were out of town for Jessamine County School’s Fall Break. I have heard a lot of flimsy excuses for cancelling a zone change hearing, but this one takes the cake!

The Planning and Zoning Commission told them they could return to present their zoning request on Nov. 14 at 7 p.m. in the Jessamine County Courthouse, first floor.

This ‘cat and mouse’ game that some developers pull in order to wear down the opposition must be stopped. It is unfair to the impacted citizens of Jessamine County, and prevents open and honest exchange of concerns when a zone change is presented.

It is well within the purview of the Planning and Zoning Commission to establish penalties for such tactics.

I would suggest that developers who delay a hearing cannot return for three months, and if the hearing is delayed a second time, they cannot return for six months. Financial penalties can also be imposed to cover the cost of rescheduling.

In addition to hearing from the public about the proposed high density subdivision, the Planning  Commission’s agenda will also include time for discussion of ideas about ending these ‘cat and mouse’ tactics that have gone on far too long in Jessamine County.

Please plan to attend this meeting and help us put an end to this nonsense.