Rosenwald Dunbar students get a Passport To Health

Published 11:44 am Thursday, November 2, 2017

Rosenwald Dunbar Elementary School hosted its annual health fair last Friday for its students.

In an effort to further spur both interaction and future planning, the format for the event was changed for participants in order to give the young minds a passport to health.

“This year’s format was a little different,” gym and physical education teacher John Hazlett said of the event. “We decided to have multiple vendors and allow students the opportunity to find the area of interest that they would like and talk to those individuals to expand their knowledge and understanding and allow more interaction.”

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“We felt like we needed to expand on what we were doing,” Family Resource Coordinator Emily Andrews added. “Prior years, we were only inviting maybe four or five community people in to talk about different things like fire safety, hand washing, bike safety for example. We felt like we needed to talk about teaching kids how to relax, yoga skills, calming themselves down, diabetes, the importance of sleep, and healthy eating and being kind to each other.”

The fair included numerous vendors with tables for the students to visit. Vendors included representatives from the Nicholasville Police Department and Emergency Medical Services, as well as Kort Physical Therapy and Centered from Lexington. The school’s organizers of the event were pleased with the turnout, and with the willingness of the local businesses and organizations to give their time for the children.

“We are very excited that everybody decided to participate,” Andrews said. “We know that our students are going to learn a lot from this today.”