Commonwealth Corner published Nov. 02, 2017

Published 11:20 am Thursday, November 2, 2017

By Andy Sims

Commonwealth’s Attorney for the 13th Judicial Circuit

— Justin Culver was convicted of burglary in the third degree and trafficking in marijuana. He was arrested on an active warrant. After a search of his person, he was found to be possessing a handgun that had been stolen from a local business. He was also possessing a large quantity of marijuana. After Culver was confronted with the thorough investigation of that local burglary, officers with the Nicholasville Police Department obtained a full confession. He was sentenced to five years.

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— Carlos Taylor was convicted of second-degree assault and possession a firearm by a convicted felon. Officers with the Nicholasville Police Department responded to the scene of a shooting. The victim sustained serious injuries and was transported to the University of Kentucky Hospital for treatment. With the cooperation of an eyewitness, the officers were able to identify Taylor as the armed assailant. He was sentenced to twelve years in a state penitentiary.

— Jeremy Collins was convicted of trafficking in marijuana. Collins’ vehicle was stopped for a speeding violation. During the course of that stop, the officer detected an odor of marijuana emanating from the car. Based on that odor and marijuana located on Collins’ person, the officer conducted a search of the vehicle. A large amount of marijuana was located. The defendant possessed the drug with the intent to sell or transfer it to other individuals. He was sentenced to three years. Because he used his vehicle for the commission of a drug trafficking offense, Collins forfeited $5,000 to the Wilmore Police Department. The cash was in lieu of the forfeiture of the vehicle itself.

“In addition to the significant jail time, monetary or property forfeitures serve as a tremendous deterrent for those contemplating the trafficking of drugs in our community,” Sims said. “I’m ecstatic that the Wilmore Police Department will have these funds to supplement their budget and continue their fantastic work.”

— Kelsey Farrell and Brody Farrell: Officers with the Nicholasville Police Department were dispatched to Walmart for a shoplifting call. The perpetrators were seen fleeing the scene of the crime in a vehicle. Due to the prompt arrival of law enforcement, that vehicle was quickly located and apprehended. Kelsey Farrell and Brody Farrell were occupants of that vehicle and were positively identified as the individuals who committed the theft. They were both sentenced to six years for the theft.

— Joseph Smith was convicted of two counts of burglary in the third degree and two counts of theft by unlawful taking. The Jessamine County Sheriff’s Department conducted an investigation into multiple break-ins of residences under construction. That investigation quickly led to Smith. Due to the completeness of their work, the deputies were able to get Smith to confess to the burglaries and the thefts from the properties. He was sentenced to five years.

— Austin Silvers was convicted of first degree trafficking in a controlled substance. Officers stopped a vehicle driven by Silvers after the observation of a routine traffic violation. Based on the training and experience of officers with the Nicholasville Police Department, items associated with drug trafficking were seen inside the car. A search of Silvers’ person revealed a large quantity of cash. A search of the vehicle revealed a very large quantity of methamphetamine. Silvers was possessing that substance with the intent to sell or transfer it to other individuals. He was sentenced to five years, and was also required to forfeit all money seized. The money will go to the Nicholasville Police Department to fund further drug interdiction efforts.

— Roger Baker was convicted of second-degree criminal possession of a forged instrument. Deputies with the Jessamine County Sheriff’s Office responded to a local business in reference to Baker cashing a suspicious check. With the cooperation of the bank, the investigation revealed that the account on which the check was written had been closed due to the death of the account holder. Baker was promptly apprehended and charged. He was sentenced to five years.

— Jonathon Wilson was convicted of driving under the influence, second-degree assault, first-degree wanton endangerment, leaving the scene of an accident, resisting arrest, possession of a controlled substance, and possession of drug paraphernalia. Wilson was driving a vehicle that was responsible for three successive collisions on a short stretch of North Main Street. One of the collisions resulted in another motorist suffering a physical injury. Multiple reports were that Wilson was driving erratically. Officers with the Nicholasville Police Department responded and witnessed the collisions.After Wilson exited his vehicle and tried to flee the scene, he was apprehended. He was found to be possessing a quantity of controlled substances and drug paraphernalia. A later blood draw revealed the presence of an intoxicating substance. He was sentenced to five years in jail.