Being prepared when opportunity knocks

Published 10:06 am Friday, September 22, 2017

It was an interesting morning in Wilmore on Tuesday, when Mike and I had the opportunity to attend the press conference recapped on the front page at Asbury University. The offerings of that institution just keep on impressing me, and the details laid out on the new opportunities for media communications students offered at the already outstanding film media program didn’t disappoint.

I applaud the forward-thinking on the part of both the school and the state as they explore the avenue of untapped industry talent and resources in the Commonwealth. As the power of affordable technology continues to grow downward toward the grasp of more and more aspiring amateur filmmakers, I can certainly see a potential spike in field-related jobs with this new program. Any measure that can create a spike in a new job field is a welcome sight in today’s economy.

Our brief mini-tour of the facility left me very intrigued with the program, and I am looking forward to a more expanded look at what the university offers in the film and media communications realm. I am also looking forward to sharing the story of exciting upcoming events that we were made privy to.

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There’s your first teaser for the Fall issue of Jessamine Life, dear readers.

Many moons back in my own college career, I dipped my toe into in the film media waters via a class at UNL in screenwriting. I authored two short films and a short comedy sketch, and had a ball learning the technical ins and outs of writing screenplays and scripts in the industry format.

Though I only directed one commercial clip, I actually did come close to having the opportunity to join a writing staff of a weekly national television program back in 2000. Had I been interested in moving to Connecticut at that time in my life and pursued the position a more determined fashion, who knows?

I have seen over and over in life that opportunity knocks for everyone—and for towns and cities as well, for that matter—it’s just that we often times don’t hear it or aren’t ready for it. The key is to have your proverbial pants up when it happens so that you can answer the knock, because it usually doesn’t stay at the door very long. For those who are ready to answer, their life’s course can take a drastic change courtesy of an unplanned opportunity out of the clear blue sky.

With the new Kentucky Film Certification Program in place, maybe more and more aspiring film industry personnel can get their feet in the first door of their dream career earlier and easier than they could before. When that knocking starts, hopefully the right people will be ready to answer.