‘Life’ on the street

Published 4:30 pm Wednesday, August 23, 2017

I want to thank everyone for the overwhelmingly positive feedback that they have given us to the second issue of Jessamine Life. We’re proud of the finished product, and the rate at which copies have been flying off of the counter here at the office.

Remember, the magazine is a free service, so we invite everyone who is not on the mailing list to stop by the office and pick up a copy so that we can keep it growing. We’ll be happy to place you on the mailing list for future issues as well, as we work to get it out on the street!

Producing the last two issues of Jessamine Life has been some of the most personally rewarding tasks of my writing career. Looking at what has been mapped out for the next issue, the prospects and potential is very exciting.

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Especially as I have noticed my front yard becoming more and more populated by colored leaves that have fallen from our trees. The season looks to be on its way to changing, and may favorite time of year for taking photos is quickly approaching.


Speaking of Jessamine Life, the Jessamine Life Talent Showcase—along with the rest of the All-American Burger Bash—is inching closer and closer. The time to get your application in is dwindling down, so be sure you turn it in by the deadline your talent can be approved.

A victory in your category is an automatic photo in the next issue of the magazine, so make sure you look good showing off that skill!