Watch those eyeballs

Published 10:48 am Thursday, August 17, 2017

With the solar eclipse being one of the big talking points across the country, it makes me think back to the partial eclipse that I viewed in seventh grade.

I was in school that day, and everyone was allowed to go out and use special glasses—which nobody had, so we all took turns with a welding helmet—to take a peek at the eclipse’s progress throughout the event.

I vividly remember my teacher warning us all not to stare at the sun during the event, and explaining the permanent eye damage that could result from doing so. That gave the event a bit of an unnecessarily ominous overtone.

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Though the eclipse on that day was a pretty short and minor ordeal in comparison to the one Monday, it is a strong childhood memory that I have retained. I hope that a lot of youngsters in the county today get the same opportunity to learn about and view the eclipse when it occurs.

I’m certain it would make a lifelong childhood memory for many of them as well. Just please advise kids to use extreme caution and follow the safety tips provided by the Jessamine County Health Department.

Though this won’t be an area that has an extensive viewing window for the eclipse, a few moments of subjecting the ol’ eyeballs to the sun’s rays as they peep back around the moon can inflict serious damage via solar retinopathy.

In other words, watch those eyeballs.


Update from last week: Last week’s board meeting of the All-American Burger Bash Board yielded a small change to the rules of the Jessamine Life Talent Showcase. The age brackets have been changed to 14 years of age and under and 15 and over.

As a reminder, application forms are available at and at I am going to be the emcee for the event, and I hope there are numerous contestants whose names I will have to try to pronounce correctly.

That will be my talent showcase!

Even so, I am ineligible for any of the trophies that the first place winners will receive and for the $100 that the Grand Prize Winner will leave with. That cannot be you, dear talented reader, if you do not enter.

As our front page points out, the first-ever All-American Burger Bash is going to be a really nice community event with the perfect entry free: free.

I hope everyone comes out and supports the efforts of those trying to keep hometown spirit alive and well here in Nicholasville.