Restaurant inspections published July 10, 2017

Published 4:05 pm Wednesday, August 9, 2017

The following restaurants were inspected by the Jessamine County Health Department:

Subway of Wilmore – 98 on July 27. Notes: Single use food trays stored under drain pipe. The floor in poor condition in the storage room.

• Family Market – 95 on July 27 and 97 on follow-up. Notes: Cloth towel used to dry hands. No test strips for use with steramine tablets. Cabinet shelves unclean under front counter. Lights out in beverage storage room and women’s restroom and restroom walls unclean.

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Wesley Village – 94 on July 27. Notes: Ice scoop holder unclean. Cabinet shelves unclean at coffee station in the kitchen. Light out in food storage room and paper supply room. Cabinet shelves unclean in Encore Cafe and Manor Kitchen. No towels in a dispenser in dish washing area of Encore Cafe. Unlabeled bottles containing honey at Encore Cafe. The lower shelf is broken in the refrigerator in Manor Kitchen.

Dollar General #14677 – 97 on July 26. Notes: Dumpster lids should be shut when not in use. The area around the dumpster in need of cleaning. Bottom shelf of milk cooler in need of cleaning.

McDonald’s #32488 – 93 on July 17 and 98 on July 27. Notes: Water at hand sink 120 degrees – scalding hot and too hot for hand washing. Temp should not exceed 105 and 110 degrees. Leaking hand sink in back needs to be repaired, then soap and paper towels. The wall behind hand sink in poor repair. Follow-up notes: Water at hand sink now an acceptable 100 degrees, clog needs to be addressed. Leaking hand sink in back needs repair, then soap and paper towels. The wall behind hand sink in poor repair.

Big City Pizza – 91 on July 25 and 97 on follow-up. Notes: Degreaser and anything else in a spray bottle must be labeled. Can opener blade in need of cleaning. Thermometer needed in pre-cooler, walk in cooler handle in need of cleaning. Pepsi cooler in need of cleaning. Dumpster doors and lid should be closed. Follow-up notes: Bottles labeled and thermometer in prep cooler.

Aquatic Center River Concessions – 96 on July 20 and 100 on July 21. Notes: Ants on the counter, removed in follow-up.

CJ’s Deli and Homestyle Cooking – 94 on July 19. Notes: Thermometers needed in all refrigerators and freezers. Chlorine test strips for food service needed. Dented cans, removed during inspection. Keep flour for banana pepper batter un-refrigerated at safe temp because of buttermilk. Refrigerate banana peppers after opening. Work on self-closing restroom doors.

Wah Mei – 96 on July 20. Notes: Cooked noodles stored on unapproved paper. Foods stored uncovered in coolers and freezers. Shelves under prep tables unclean. Mixing rod in poor condition. Store raw chicken on the bottom shelf in cooler, then raw beef, fish and shrimp above.

Burger King – 91 on July 20 and 95 on-spot-follow-up. Notes: Toilet and sink unclean in men’s restroom. Food debris etc under and behind equipment. Toxic Chemical spray bottle stored with food related items. Thermometer broken in prep cooler. On-spot-follow-up notes: Chemical spray bottle properly stored.

Zaxby’s – 100.

Joe’s Market – 95 on food service and 93 on retail food on July 20. 98 on-spot-follow up for retail food. Notes: Grease on the floor under fryer. Bulbs out in food warmer, coils on Pepsi cooler unclean, trash piled up in store at back door. Pepsi cooler unclean inside. Bologna, cheese slices, two dozen eggs in cooler at 59 degrees Fahrenheit. On-spot-follow-up notes: Bologna, cheese and eggs removed to be discarded.

Slice of Brooklyn Pizza – 98 on July 20. Notes: Shield unclean in the ice machine. Water pooled up in prep cooler.

Homerun Marathon – 95 on July 14. Notes: Inside of ice machine needs to be cleaned. Drinks stored on floor. Dumpster lids broken off.

Dixie Cafe – 98 on July 13. Notes: Floors in front have accumulation. In back needs to be sealed. Sanitizer container needed for a spatula in prep area.

Double Kwik – 92 on food service and 94 on retail food. Notes: Chlorine test strips needed for a new dishwasher. Hang brooms when not in use. Labeled white powders that aren’t in original containers, flour, salt, sugar, corn meal. Trash can with lid needed in women’s restrooms. Keep drinks off the floor in walk in the drink cooler. The floor in need of cleaning in walk in freezer. Make sure sandwiches and salads stay at 41 degrees or cooler in reach in the display case.

Culvers – 99 on July 10. Notes: Ceiling vents in need of cleaning to remove dust.

• Wendy’s – 98 on July 13. Notes: Floor in poor condition at the entrance to walk in freezer. Mildew on inside top of ice machine.

Frisch’s – 94 on July 13. Notes: Doors and handles on freezer and prep cooler unclean. The floor in walk-in freezer unclean, floor behind cooking equipment unclean. Lights not shielded in walk-in freezer. Doors on walk-freezer and cooler not sealing properly. One sink in men’s restroom not working, new faucet ordered.

Pepperhill Farm Day Camp – 100 on July 13.

• Nicholasville Pit Stop – 94 on food service and 99 on retail food on June 6 and 98 on-spot follow-up for food service. Notes: Hand sink blocked in food prep area. Single service cups stored on floors. No test strips for sanitizer tabs. On-spot follow-up notes: Keep hand sink accessible for use in food prep area.

Gourmet Goodies – 98 on July 6. Notes: Light out in prep area and stock area. Single service food container in boxes on the floor.

Copper River – 94 on July 6. Notes: Interior of prep coolers unclean. Thermometers missing in some prep coolers. Door handle missing on prep coolers, lid handle in poor condition on ice cream freezer, top access doors on ice machine in poor condition. Inside the top of ice machine unclean. The floor under equipment in bar area unclean. The exterior of equipment in bar area unclean. The ceiling in poor condition in women’s restroom.

Edible Arrangements – 98 on July 5. Notes: Sop needed at front hand sink. Commercial dispensers needed. Violated on the previous inspection.

• Fazoli’s – 98 on July 5. Notes: Cold holding pizza in double door cooler not keeping food at proper temperature. Note: All food from today was moved to walk in cooler. A call was made to have pizza cooler fixed.

Hardee’s – 99 on July 5. Notes: Tray under soda fountain machine not in good condition. Note: Mop sink draining slow, but filter box on fryer was cleaned recently.

Comfort Inn – 92 on July 6 and 97 on-spot follow-up. Notes: Need thermometers in some refrigerators and freezers. Floor unclean in food storage room. Cooked boiled eggs held at 46 degrees Fahrenheit in the self-serve cooler. On-spot follow-up notes: Eggs discarded in the trash. Suggester storing eggs on top shelf cooler for better air circulation to keep eggs at 41 degrees Fahrenheit or less.