Restaurant inspections published July 13, 2017

Published 6:53 pm Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The following restaurants were inspected by the Jessamine County Health Department:

Isaacs Express Mart — 92 on May 25, 97 on follow-up on June 1. Notes: Front deli cooler out of temp. Must be below 41 degrees fahrenheit. Repair or remove perishable items. Dishes must be washed in three compartment sink. Label pizza with expiration date. Follow-up notes: Dishes must be washed in three compartment sink — corrected. Label pizza with expiration date corrected. 

Asbury Seminary — 87 on May 18, 91 on follow-up on June 1. Notes: Box of tortillas stored on shelf below raw meat in walk-in. Paint chipping on storage shelves. Freezer door gasket in poor condition. Dishwashing machine not reaching 180 degrees fahrenheit on final rinse to sanitize dishes. Milk machine unclean around dispenser nozzles, interior of ice machine unclean, exterior of equipment unclean and can opener unclean on end of prep table. Coffee and soda straws not dispensed properly. No towels in employee restroom, towel dispenser not working in women’s restroom. Floors unclean — especially in beverage syrup room and back storage room. Ceiling tiles water damaged. Follow-up notes: Dishwashing machine repaired and working properly. 

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Diversicare — 100 on June 1. 

Equestrian Woods Clubhouse — 91 on June 1, 94 on spot follow-up. Notes: Hole in wall and ceiling in kitchen. Floor unclean — especially under equipment. Spice shelf unclean and basement shelves unclean. Interior ice machine has heavily rusted surfaces. Floor unclean in storage room in basement. Water drip from hose connection valve on water heater. Building materials in dumpster enclosure. Floor in poor condition at back door of kitchen. Beverage want reservoir unclean in bar area. Follow-up notes: Ice machine unplugged to remove from use — replace machine or use bagged ice from approved source. 

Golf Club of Bluegrass — 92 on June 1. Notes: Interior of prep cooler unclean. No sanitizer test strips. Drawer below stove unclean. Floor and windows unclean in storage room. Sinks, toilets, urinals unclean in restrooms. Ice scoops stored on dusty surface. 

The Sweet Shoppe — 93 on June 1. Notes: Exterior of equipment unclean — doors, handles and cabinet shelves. Light shield missing above storage shelf. Self-closing door mechanism not working on restroom door. Wall not sealed or painted in restroom. Hair restraints not worn.

Subway on North Main Street — 96 on June 8. Notes: Faucet loose at hand sink at the front counter. Interior of cabinet below ice machine unclean. Door handles on microwaves, oven and warmers unclean. Spray nozzle detached from wall at three compartment sink. Floor in walk-in freezer unclean. Floor drain cover missing under three compartment sink. Produce slicer not cleaned after last use.

Ichiban Buffet — 88 on June 8, 92 on the spot follow-up. Notes: Food ingredients stored in containers not food grade. Food Storage containers unclean. Floor unclean in storage area. Numerous foods uncovered in walk-in cooler. Single use food containers re-used for food storage. Prep cooler unclean on interior. Door gaskets unclean on prep cooler, cardboard used as shelf liner. Grease on floor under fryer. Wiping cloths not kept in sanitizer. Dishwashing machine and surrounding area unclean. Dishwashing machine not sanitizing dishes. Shield in ice machine unclean. Cold salad bar, sushi bar, hibachi bar temps above 41 degrees fahrenheit due to display units being cooled by ice only. Must be labeled food on cold bar and hibachi bar for four hour display time and one hour display time on sushi bar. Discard any food remaining after time period. Follow-up notes: Dishwashing machine primed and now sanitizing dishes.

Corner House — 100 on June 15. 

Cottage Cafe — 89 on June 15, 94 on spot follow-up. Notes: No towels at kitchen hand sink. Raw beef stored above raw pork and fish in walk in. Keep raw poultry on bottom, then raw beef, raw fish, raw pork. Water leak at sanitizer wall dispenser. Observed food handler contact ready-to-eat-food with bare hands. Metal stem thermometer not calibrated. Toilet unclean and seat loose in men’s restroom. Hand towels stored on toilet tank in men’s restroom. Must install towels in wall dispenser Follow-up notes: Discussed proper hand wash and no bare hand contact with ready-to-eat foods. 

Walmart — 98 on June 8 for food service, 93 on June 8 for retail service, 97 June 15 for retail service for follow-up. Notes: Ice condensate on food boxes and floor in freezer in the bakery. Water leak at hand sink in produce prep area. Ice condensate on food boxes and floor in meat freezer. Sanitizer dispenser not working in meat department prep room. Light shields missing meat cooler. Faucet loose on hand sink in deli area.

Jessamine County Youth Baseball — 98 on June 22. Notes: Exterior of nacho cheese machine broken. Interior of refrigerator unclean. 

McDonald’s — 95 on June 22. Notes: Happy Meal boxes stored next to hand dryer. Ice chute unclean on beverage machine at drive-thru. Thermometers not located in coolers at front line drive thru. Food debris behind condiment trays. Water leak under sink in employee restroom. 

Sam’s Club — 97 on June 22, 100 on the spot follow-up. Notes: Sanitize not in wiping cloth bucket. No thermometer in pizza prep cooler.

Subway — 99 on June 26. Notes: Good temps. Flooring in poor repair. Covering in poor repair.

Jessamine County Head Start — 100 on June 29. Notes: Follow up inspection, there are no mosquito larvae in wetland cell.

Taqueria Garcia – 84 on June 15 and 93 on the follow-up on July 6. Notes: Light out near restrooms, three compartment sink used as food prep sink — raw chicken being cut and other food in sink. Faucet loose on the kitchen hand wash sink. Floor under and behind equipment unclean. Hole in wall behind slicer. Microwave and prep cooler unclean. Box of tortilla shells stored in floor, numerous foods stored in nonfood-grade bags. Mop sink clogged and not draining. Wiping cloths not kept in sanitizer water between uses. Side door open on dumpster. Food container lids in hand sink. Follow-up notes: Microwave and prep cooler unclean. Faucet loose on kitchen hand sink. Side door on dumpster open. Floor under and behind equipment unclean. Bare wood on wall not painted.

East Jessamine High School Football and Baseball Concessions — 100 on June 29.