Nicholasville Kroger offers grocery shopping from home

Published 6:13 pm Wednesday, June 21, 2017

At any given time of day, visitors of the Brannon Crossing Shopping Center in Nicholasville can see cars pulling into the awning in front of Kroger to pick up their groceries, which they have already purchased without setting foot inside the store.

For over a year, the Brannon Crossing Kroger has offered ClickList, an online service that allows customers to pick out and pay for groceries from the comforts of home. A Kroger associate will do the shopping to fulfill the order for customers to either pick up or, if they live in the right proximity, have them delivered to their door.

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The ClickList option was installed at the Brannon Crossing Kroger on Jan. 21, 2016.

“It’s been very busy and it’s been very successful,” Division Ecommerce Field Specialist for Kroger, Matt Oaks said.

The online shopping option had a very promising start in 2016, and Oaks said it has become the fastest-growing part of the company.

“It’s just kept excelling and growing,” he said.

Since 2016, Oaks, who has a five-year-old child, said he has been an avid ClickList shopper.

“It’s very convenient, especially for people like myself who are business professionals,” he said. “Especially with small children.”

A variety of people use the online shopping option for time-saving and convenience purposes.

“It’s also very convenient in the way that the website is set up, it’s very personalized,” Oaks said. “So the things you buy most frequently are positioned on the website to make it a whole lot easier to shop.”

A fee is waived for the first three visits, after that there is a $4.95 charge to use the ClickList option, a price that Staci Goggins, an art teacher at Rosenwald-Dunbar Elementary, said is worth the time and effort it saves.

Goggins began using ClickList two years ago after hearing about it from other teachers at the elementary school. At first, she said she was apprehensive because she enjoyed going grocery shopping, but her mind was quickly changed.

“I’m pretty busy, so the convenience factor is definitely nice,” Goggins said. “I don’t have to spend very long in the grocery store.”

She said the online shopping also helped her save around $50 on groceries every two weeks because she can see the total while she is adding items to her cart.

“It helps me keep a much better budget, and I’m really only buying the things I need,” Goggins said. “No more impulse buying.”

For the safety of customers and associates, ClickList transactions can only be paid for using credit or debit cards. This means no cash, checks, gift cards or government benefits such as WIC or SNAP. Currently, the Kroger located in the Brannon Crossing Shopping Center is the only one in Jessamine County to offer the ClickList service.

Those interested in using ClickList can register on the Kroger website or at