Showing gratitude on Father’s Day

Published 12:52 pm Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Dear Editor,

I grew up in Jessamine County and as Father’s Day approaches, I am reminded of many men in the community who invested in my life, my father included. I wanted to write a quick note to simply express my gratitude for the significant impact they had on me. Many of them were the fathers of my close friends who took the time to go beyond responsibility to help me along as I sought to find my way through life. These men took the time to ask good questions and encouraged me. Each of them, in their own way, modeled qualities that moved me toward becoming a better man.

I am reminded of times where my meals were paid for, a place to stay was provided, wise words were shared, and even some discipline was levied. I don’t know what motivated these men to take the time, but I am glad they did. It has pushed me to invest in others and has motivated me to make them proud. I hope that my life has proven worth the time taken.

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I would not be who I am today without these influential men:

Donny Welch Sr., the late Jerry Allen, Bill Sandlin, Mark Giurgevich, Eddy Locker, Johnny Collier, Denny Kemp, Clemmie (Harold Clem Jr.), George Marlow, Carl Silvey, Tony Moffett, Mark Reed and Chuck Beaman.

I’ll finish with this, Jessamine County still has kids like me around, who could use a little extra love. Kids that would listen to direction from adults that aren’t their parents. If you see these opportunities around you, I encourage you to step into a role that challenges and supports young people around you. It could make a world of difference!

— Paul Niswander

Leadership Giving Officer

Asbury University