Howard | Coop The better gift on Father’s Day

Published 1:13 pm Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Father’s Day, since it was first observed on June 19, 1910, in Spokane, Washington, has always been observed on the third Sunday in June. It originated and was set aside as a special time for children of all ages to recognize the significance of fatherhood and honor their fathers and pay tribute to them. 

Good fathers, for all they are and all they do, deserve honor and recognition, and that honor and that recognition is more — much more — than that proverbial ugly tie that, customarily, is presented as a gift on that special day. It is love, respect, and appreciation.

We are here because of our fathers. Our fathers are our progenitors who passed on to us more than a material heritage. Our earthly fathers passed on the genes, those elements by which hereditary characteristics are transmitted and determined, that our heavenly Father took and shaped into the unique individuals we become.  Therefore, we are what we are because of our fathers.

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But good fathers are far more than the progenitors of the race of which we are a part. They are role models, who with their daily lives give their children a pattern after which those children may pattern their lives. They are teachers who give their children instruction when they seek to understand the problems of life. They are wise counselors who advise their children when they face difficult situations and need guidance. They are reliable supports when, in moments of weakness, their children need a shoulder upon which to cry and lean. Good fathers are loyal friends who “stick closer than a brother” with their children through all of the struggles and triumphs of life. But words are inadequate. After all has been said, good fathers are more.

On Father’s Day, a material gift is good. It may come as an external expression of an inner feeling of love and respect. But the better gift is a life that reflects the heart and soul of a good father.