Restaurant Inspections published June 08, 2017

Published 5:36 pm Wednesday, June 7, 2017

The following restaurants were inspected by the Jessamine County Health Department:

• East Jessamine High School Basketball and Volleyball concessions – 99 on May 1. Notes: Microwave in need of cleaning. Dip clean dishes and utensils in bleach water after washing in sink. (One teaspoon of bleach to one gallon of water is the ratio.) Thermometer needed in refrigerator. 

• East Jessamine High School Softball and Baseball Concessions – 96 on May 1. Notes: Need to sanitize dishes and utensils. 

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• Thoroughbred Golf Club – 96 on May 4. Notes: Produce will be pre-prepped (prep sink). Soap and paper towels needed at all hand sinks. Mops and brooms need hook. 

• Sonic – 92 on May 4. Notes: Dumpster overflowing, dumpster rusted out at bottom and leaking. Customer restroom ceiling falling in, hole in ceiling. Sink, toilet and floor unclean. No towels in dispenser. Ice scoop stored on unclean surface. Interior and exterior of equipment unclean. Floor unclean under equipment. 

• Z.T.’s Bistro – 97 on May 4. Notes: Corner of cutting board in poor condition. Faucet dripping on three-compartment sink. 

• Hiccup Cafe – 98 on May 4. Notes: Cabinet shelves unclean and sanitizer below 100 ppm (chlorine) in wiping cloth bucket.

• Pioneer College Caterers – 97 on May 4. Notes: Floor in walk-in cooler unclean. Ceiling tiles show water damage in storage rooms. Shelf surface in poor condition in the center court. Shelves unclean – center court. Interior of reach-in warmer and cooler unclean. 

• Dairy Queen (100 Plaza Drive) – 87 on May 4, 92 on follow-up. Notes: Interior of coolers and freezers unclean. Floor behind grill unclean. Exterior of equipment unclean. Tongs in poor condition food contact end. Food handler touching bread and sandwich toppings with bare hand. Ice buckets stored on unclean surface. Floor unclean behind ice machine and beverage syrup rack. Dumpster lid missing and debris on ground around dumpster. Floor unclean under and behind equipment and shelves. Coffee stirs not dispensed properly. On-Spot Follow-up: Discussed proper food handling, hand washing and glove use with reay-to-eat foods.

• West Jessamine Middle School Cafeteria – 100 on May 8. 

• West Jessamine High School Cafeteria – 96 on May 8. 100 on follow-up. Notes: Ants on floor by dishwasher. Follow-up inspection: Terminix working on ants. 

• Rosenwald-Dunbar Elementary School – 99 on May 9. Notes: Parts inside ice machine in need of cleaning. 

• A&W/Long John Silvers – 95 on May 11. Notes: Door on outside shed in poor condition and not sealing properly. Grease on exterior of fryers. Floor unclean under and behind equipment. Door gasket in poor condition of reach-in freezer. Rust on interior surfaces of ice machine — must replace ice machine if rust cannot be removed and prevented. 

• Captain D’s – 96 on May 11. Notes: Interior and exterior of coolers, freezers, microwaves unclean. Knife used for slicing bread stored wedged under toaster. Foods stored uncovered in coolers and freezers. Shelves under hot hold station unclean, shelves in front counter area unclean. Floor unclean under fryers, coolers and freezers. 

• Red Oak Elementary School – 100 on May 11.

• Type A Catering – 95 on May 17. Notes: Dumpster lids open, not enclosed. Exterior doors need door sweeps (before opening.) One spot in wall open. Okay to open after-payment items. 

• Wilmore Elementary – 99 on May 17. Notes: Spaghetti and green beans 130 degrees plus. Hard water scaling on floor in dish room and area by dish room.

• The Providence School – 97 on May 17. Notes: Items to be cleaned include shelving, ice machine, inside big cooler. Wall in poor repair near dishwasher. Peeling ceilings in some areas. Poor lighting in storage area and walk-in. 

• East Jessamine Middle School Cafeteria – 99 on May 17. Notes: Leak under reach in cooler (display case) in need of repair. Plan to get fixed before next school year.

• Asbury Seminary – 87 on May 18, 91 on follow-up. Notes: Box of tortillas stored on shelf below raw meat in walk-in. Paint chipping on storage shelves. Freezer door gasket in poor condition. Dishwashing machine not reaching 180 degrees Fahrenheit on final rinse to sanitize dishes. Milk machine unclean around dispenser nozzles. Interior of ice machine unclean. Exterior of equipment unclean. Can opener unclean on end of prep table. Coffee and soda straws not dispensed properly. No towels in employee restroom. Towel dispenser not working in women’s restroom. Floors unclean – especially in beverage syrup room and back storage room. Ceiling tiles water damaged. 

• East Jessamine High School Cafeteria – 100 on May 18. Notes: Ceiling vents in need of cleaning. 

• West Jessamine Fieldhouse Concession – 97 on May 18. Notes: Floor unclean under and behind equipment. Shelves unclean, popcorn machine unclean – especially the interior. Excess equipment unclean. Ice machine unclean inside (shield). Spray bottle not labeled. Microwave unclean on interior. 

• West Jessamine Basketball Concessions – 95 on May 18. Notes: Cabinet shelves unclean, hand sink unclean and no thermometer in cooler. 

• CJ’s Deli – 93 on May 23. Notes: Electrical issue with steam table. Floors need repair in back storage area. Walls are very dark, does not easily show dirt. Mop sink closet needs cleaning and organizing. Lighting dark in back area. 25 or less seats. 

• Rivel Concessions at the Jessamine County Aquatic Center – 100 on May 23. 

• Bob Evans – 97 on May 25. Notes: Interior of some equipment unclean. Plumbing leak from drain on prep sink. Floor drain under the ice machine clogged and the exterior of equipment unclean such as doors handles, ect. Floor unclean under cooking equipment and cabinets at server line. 

• Asuka – 94 on May 25. Notes: Door gasket in poor condition on prep cooler in sushi bar. Cabinets and shelves in sushi bar unclean. Wiping cloth not kept in sanitizer bucket. Wood shelves used to store drink pitchers in poor condition. Food stored in non-food grade bags in freezers. Drill and mixing rod stored on unclean surface. Floor in poor condition near dishwashing area. Plexiglass lining shelf in poor condition. Raw meat stored above ready-to-eat food in prep cooler and in walk-in cooler.